My Japan Food Journal

  1. well more like pictures than thoughts about food. i'm here in tokyo for about 6 days and i am a piggly wiggly when it comes to food, especially here. so i thought i would share what i've been eating on this trip. hope you all enjoy! :smile:

    first night we got in, we stopped at our favorite 24hr noodle restaurant. here is katsu donburi (chicken cutlet on rice) with cold udon noodles.

    next morning i had eggs benedict from room service.

    my mom had ochazuke (rice in tea):

    more to come! :smile:
    DSC01022.JPG DSC01023.JPG DSC01024.JPG
  2. OMG. Japanese noodles are SO AMAZING. I had the best noodles ever at a little shop when I was in Ginza. I wish I could go back to Japan. It's such a beautiful country. The toilets freak me out a bit though. LOL. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  3. lunch on day 2 was ramen at yodobashi akihabara. it was nothing too fancy. it had sesame seeds in the broth, which i thought was interesting.

    late night snacks bought from department store basement food halls. this is always a fun part of the trip. its always crowded and such a rush. first pic is of assorted musubi (rice balls). the one i had included a deep fried piece of squid. yum!

    some sushi and a bento box with a few pieces of sashimi, shreaded crab, and salmon roe on rice.

    a california roll and another roll with negitoro (raw tuna) in it.

    a little spicy fried chicken:
    DSC01044.JPG DSC01052.JPG DSC01053.JPG DSC01054.JPG DSC01055.JPG
  4. day 3 we took a day trip to kyoto. this was sort of my brunch meal. included a small scrambled egg, slice of some kind of fish, tofu, bowl of shreded crab, salmon roe, and grated yam on rice, and lastly a hot bowl of udon.

    a bucket of little cream puffs for the walk to the shrine.

    late lunch we had at a steak place in the department store next to kyoto station. my sirloin steak lunch. inlcuded was a salad, some veggies, dark miso soup, sauces for the steak, and some garlic butter to spread on the steak.

    for dinner i had ramen but couldn't take pics since it was one of those commuter places. so i had to eat fast and get out hehe.

    today is another day to stuff my face. i will post tonight with more pics of fun food :smile:
    DSC01059.JPG DSC01065.JPG DSC01101.JPG
  5. OMG i looove Japan (been 8 times on business trips when i lived in Hawaii). The food there is like nothing else. Are you staying in Tokyo b/c i highly reccomend taking the train to Osaka and Kobe if you've got time. Osaka is by far my fave city in Japan. It has the best food and is less crowded and snobby than tokyo.
  6. Yum! Looks delicious.
  7. Wow Caley, everything looks so delicious. Hope you're having a great time!
  8. I am SO jealous of the ramen, lol...I've been meaning to make homemade real ramen (complete with lardons, tea eggs, and pork), but just haven't gotten around to it yet! When ramen is done correctly/well, it is amazing!
  9. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Food :nuts: :drool: Damn.. I should sneaked into your luggage to go with you :drool: Lucky you :yahoo:
  11. I am so jealous! I love Japan and haven't been there in a good 5+ years, but I always remember the incredible food and presentation. This is the next best thing:tup:
  12. the food looks SO heavenly
    i literally sat here drooling
  13. everything looks so delicious! yummy! japan has some of the best food i have ever eaten. i would love to go back soon for vacation. enjoy the rest of your trip. can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. if you can, try the kobe beef.
  14. :drool: Those dishes looks so yummy! I'm so jealous :smile:
  15. Damn, hungry now! Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you are having a great time!