My January Purchases

  1. Before I get yelled at for buying stuff on a ban ... I had something to return for store credit. ;)

    So, I went to the outlet today, and am glad I did, since there was only ONE lilac suede tote and ONE lilac suede wristlet left!! I also bought exactly what I intended to buy, I am pretty proud of myself! :supacool: Aside from the tote & wristlet, I got a green & white passport cover and two cute scarves. The scarves were $29 each, the passport cover and the wristlet $39, and the tote $159. There was one black signature tote left but someone bought it.

    Not too impressed with the selection other than that, they must be holding out until next week for the legacy stuff. They had the new dot and wave lines in khaki and blue ... I wanted to get both blue wristlets but they were still $70! :wtf: which is a bit much for outlet wristlets, haha. my limit is $40 ...

    so here are my goodies!!


    I am going to go coat the suede stuff with shining monkey in an attempt to keep it clean. :biggrin: I'm going to try to hold off until the leather ergo stuff comes out in April ... we'll see if I can avoid the outlet until then!
  2. Great loot! I love that lilac tote. Like the scarves too. I have the valentine one in the square scarf, perfect for upcoming valentines day.
  3. Very cute! I'm hoping my trip to the outlet will be equally as productive.
  4. Cute! I love both scarves! :heart:
  5. Everything is GORGEOUS! The lilac is SO pretty!
  6. Great stuff! I'm with you.... I'm trying to hold myself back until the Ergo stuff comes out too! We need a "waiting for Ergo" club!
  7. beautiful finds...congrats!!!
  8. Verry Pretty!
  9. Too cute:p Do you think you really can avoid an outlet for 2 months?
  10. I really want that Lilac tote too. Great loot, congrats!!
  11. I am only close on Mondays ... so it may be doable. Normally I'm an hour away, but I have to take a class that is really close to the outlets ... and it meets on Mondays :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for the comments, guys! :wlae:
  12. I love all of your purchases!,I wish my dad would drive me to the local outlets!
  13. LOVE IT ALL! the blue scarf, the passport cover, the lilac !
  14. Oh I love that tote!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your stuff!
  15. Congrats!! I love the scarves..beautiful. Atleast you didn't really break your ban at all.