My January purchases!!!

  1. I would like to share my [SIZE=-1]excitement with all my sweet friends at the Chanel subforum!
    [/SIZE]So here it goes...I wanted this bag forever!!! :...



    Chanel jacket bought on 50% sale!!! (Does anyone know which season is it from???)



    Finally group picture...


    Thank you for letting me share...
  2. Beautiful!

    I really love the jacket, and a price reduction as well. You can't beat that.

    Both are very nice.


  3. the tweed jacket is very gorgeous. I really like it. :tup:
  4. awesome! I love hearing HG success stories
  5. [​IMG]





    Great purchases:tup:

    Congrats, the cabas & the tweed jacket are gorgeous:woohoo::woohoo:
  6. Thank you girls for your appreciation! You are all so sweet!!!
  7. Congrats! Very nice - enjoy :smile:
  8. LOVE the Chanel jacket.
  9. lucky you. i am still searching for that bag. congratulations and enjoy your cabas. i really love the bag.
  10. congrats, esp. love that coat and love it even more that u got a deal
  11. Loving the bag!! And that coat is so cute! Congrats
  12. very lovely. 50% if is a bargain!
  13. Wow! I Love the Jacket
  14. Congrats on the bag and jacket!!!! :woot:
  15. Love the jacket and congrats on finding the cabas....Enjoy both of your new items....