My January purchases I am finally posting pics!!


Always on the hunt!
Aug 29, 2009
Houston, TX
So, I stopped being lazy and decided to take some pics of all my January purchases. All from 2 outlets (Cypress and San Marcos, TX) and Macys. No reveal just pics!! I have been using my gray patent peyton pretty much non stop since I got her because of the weather! I am hoping to break out the fushia peyton Friday. Funny thing is I was really wanting to get the FP version of the fushia and couldn't find it so I bought the mff version and it just wasn't the same! I am like Johnniegirl I wanted them all to match so I never took the tags off and I went to the outlet last Thursday night and there it was one FP fushia waiting for me!!! :yahoo: So the mff is going back this week...anyways here are the pics!!!

My Gray Patent Peyton (one of my new favorites)!!!

Fushia Peyton!!

White Patent Peyton!!

Can't wait to use this one in the summer!

My growing Peyton collection...still need Saddle and Atlantic!!

Madison leather wristlet I got for $15.99!!

Legacy Josie Clutch that was a return for $55!!

Gotta show the stripes...


Meet Poppy the Pug
Sep 18, 2009
Wow I love your peytons! I'd take that gray one off of your hands the minute you tire of her! :smile: kidding! Congrats on you great peyton collection.


Always on the hunt!
Aug 29, 2009
Houston, TX
Poppy pink tartan wristlet from Macys for $24 I think

Pink Tartan Glam tote - I am not big on siggy stuff, but this one I had to have since I saw it!!

My first Zoe in Fawn!!

Now brace yourselves its not Coach mom got me a burberry hobo for my birthday and just wanted to share...


RM Love
Jun 5, 2008
Nashville, TN
LOVELY buys! I've been trying to stay away from buying the Fuschia Peyton and it's just becoming harder and harder! Congrats on your beauties!