My January outlet treasures!!

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Ok it started out with just these little pieces,

    I thought I could be good and stay away. But this forum is such an enabler. I saw this lovely bag from bagap and others and just had to have it. :yahoo:
    I knew I wanted the magenta for sure. But after carrying it in the store for a little while I thought I really need the mahogany one too. It was such a good price too $139.99. I also picked up 2 wool/cashmere scarf/mufflers. They were only $30.

    I'm hoping this will be it for January. But the SA said a new floorset was coming on the 23rd. eek...:sweatdrop:


  2. What great goodies!!! I especially love the gold jewelry case! How much did you snatch her up for if I might ask?
  3. Great haul! I love everything, very good choices:tup:
  4. The jewel tones are so pretty... that BLUE :drool:
  5. It was 34.99 I believe. The other colors were in the amanda colors in satin.
  6. Yummy I was just looking at the Amanda accessories at the outlet. I was thinking of getting the jewelry case to put my ipod and camera in since there are two zipper pockets inside. I love the bag. I picked it up today but they only had it in gold. :sad:
  7. ohh the magenta looks gorgeous on you! bag twins! i have the magenta now and the mahogany too!
  8. Awesome grabs for January so far! I love the jewel tone colors of the Amanda line. Congrats!

    I'm trying extremely hard to stay away from the outlet to let the bank account recover some, but you girls are making it hard, especially knowing that I'll be 20 mins from the outlet in a couple of weeks. It doesn't help that when I'm away it will be just days after the new floorset is released. Someone help me please!
  9. Oh cool, found another person nutty as me to buy two colors! :P
  10. Ooo I like I like! Especially the gold jewelry case.
  11. You are too funny! I just bought the same exact pieces in the same colors last week! The teal cosmetics case and magenta mini skinny!!! Great minds think alike:P;)
  12. Great haul! I love your cape too.
  13. Everything is so adorable!!!
  14. Very pretty! Congrats on your purchases!
  15. Very nice! A cashmere muffler for only $30! You totally scored on a lot of really nice pieces. I like the idea of using the jewelry case for a camera and iPod. I might have to try that.