My January Chanel Shopping Frenzy *PICTS*

  1. Well, I really wasn't going to buy anything this month. But I kept coming back and back to the Melrose flap, and then there was the Saks event which was a perfect time to buy it. And then I had the gift card from the Saks event which was perfect to use on the sunglasses....and then heck, it was like when you break your diet and I ran into PURPLE Chanel earrings. I mean WHO can pass up PURPLE Chanel earrings? And as long as I was buying the earrings, what was the necklace too? And now I'm still debating buying the matching mirror earrings for the necklace. It's all perfectly logical, right? It's not like I'm obsessed or anything...:nuts:

    Anyway, at least now I can throw up picts of all of my goodies.
    group shot.jpg melrose front.jpg melrose back.jpg glasses front 2.jpg glasses inside.jpg
  2. Can you tell I LOVE these new sunglasses too? :supacool:
    modeling.jpg miror general.jpg rock roll general.jpg rock roll close.jpg
  3. I know it's not to everyone's taste but I LOVE the Melrose flap. You've got excellent taste!
  4. Congrats!!

    Love those sunglasses!
  5. You look fab!!!!!!!
  6. Ah, I forgot the best sunglass pict.
    And info for the jewelry & sunglasses
    glasses side.jpg miror info.jpg rock roll info.jpg sunglass code.jpg
  7. I love everything! The glasses look really nice on you, and I love the shading on the bag. The necklace is so classic looking, I love the shape of it.

    But it's the earrings I love the most! Thanks for posting the style number.

    Excellent haul! :tup:
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: Nice pics!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you had FUN!:graucho: Pretty glasses, they look good on you!!;)
  9. Everyone has wanted to try on my sunglasses & I got tons of compliments when I took the Melrose flap out for the first time yesterday! I'm so glad I decided to get it :yahoo:
  10. Great buys! Enjoy!
  11. Wow.. U really have a big shopping. I love ur new collections. The bag is great n love the sunnies. Congrats..
  12. I just got a good look at the detailing on the side of the sunglasses (enlarged the picture), they are beautiful, the crystals and the flower shape, just beautiful! I think these are one the nicest sunglasses Chanel has made.
  13. nice additions, congrats!
  14. Congrats on everything - all so fab! Especially like the sunglasses!!
  15. wahhhh i really like that crystal necklace! right amount of bling, subtle small logo.. weee, total cuteness! how much did it cost, may i ask? ;)