My January 2014 Purchases *REVEAL*

  1. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I have purchased any LV but I picked up a few things this month that I thought I would share.

    I'll make this an instant reveal. :smile:

    Earlier in the Month I took a little weekend getaway to Portland, Oregon with my best friend. I had bought her first LV for her back in August of last year for her 30th Birthday. Since then she has been hooked and has been anxious to make her own LV purchase. We stopped by the Portland LV store so she could look. She thought she wanted to purchase herself a DA Speedy B 30 but I know that she really wanted a 'black' dressy bag. I had her look at the new Noir Magnetique Alma BB and the Montana. I absolutely love both these bags but I know the Alma BB probably wouldn't work well for and since I have the Infini Empreinte Speedy B, I worry that the Montana is too similar. Her and I both LOVED the gunmetal hardware on it though. I feel limited with the Gold Hardware on so many of my LV's sometimes. So I talked my bestie into holding off on the DA Speedy and getting the Noir Montana for herself. She's not a big online/forum type person so no reveal for that (sorry!)

    Although I wasn't planning on buying a bag that trip (or at all this month), I did grab a few little things. First, here are my purchases from that trip:. (Then scroll down to see my other purchase for this month)


    LV Monogram Nano bracelet
    LV Cles Key Pouch in Damier Azur


  2. Then a few days later one of my wishlist bags popped up online and I just had to jump on it. (I was glad that I hadn't made a huge splurg at the LV store so that I could still get this bag)



    Limited Edition Watercolor Speedy 35. I have always been so drawn to this bag (which is funny because I am so NOT a 'pink' girl). I am super happy to have her in my collection.

    Thanks for letting me share. :biggrin::flowers:

  3. Wow!! Those are all very nice items!! Congrats!!!
  4. The Cles is so cute! I have the same bracelet and love it, hope you do too. Good thing you waited because the Watercolor Speedy is gorgeous, looks to be in excellent condition. Congrats on everything, great choices.
  5. And as a little bonus, some pics from our trip.

    While we were up there grabbing a drink at the Hotel bar we met former NBA player Gary Payton, his daughter & Ex wife (who is currently filming the new reality show 'Mom's Got Game), and a few of his buddies. What meant to be one drink for happy hour turned into several hours of conversation with his whole group. Such nice people. We laughed for hours! I need to remember to watch Monique's reality show.


    My Ombre Empreinte Artsy & Monogram Beaubourg Weekender GM

    And her DE Alma MM that I got her for her birthday and the Coach Weekender bag that I also got her.


    Ignore the mess! lol
  6. Thank you! I wore the bracelet for the first time yesterday, stacked with the Keep It Twice bracelet and the Juicy bracelet shown and I do love it. And the watercolor speedy is in amazing shape for its age. Super happy with it!

  7. Congrats on everything, esp. the LE Speedy. I love her! She is in great condition! Enjoy!!
  8. The water color speedy is beyond gorgeous!! Congratulations on everything!
  9. All gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  10. Love everything! You have awesome taste! Congrats.
  11. Great finds, especially the Speedy. Your reveals are always great and fun!
  12. Congrats!!! Love your speedy :smile:
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Awesome haul. Watercolor speedy is beautiful
  15. Great reveal, as always! Congrats to your latest additions. :woohoo: