My Jack O' Lantern

  1. I just thought I would share a pic of my latest handiwork. I just finished carving a pumpkin, and the seeds are roasting in the oven. Even though I am 26, I am still a kid at heart when it comes to Halloween. Anybody else having some Halloween fun?
  2. that is Beyond Cuuuuuuuuuute .. I LOVE IT

    aww i love the eyez ..geart Job :flowers:
  3. Damn, that is a great carve job!! Mine always look like a drunk did it.
  4. Ahh Good thread. Do you mind if I post mine?
  5. Go ahead. If anyone else has any pumpkin pics, they can post them too.
  6. Okay Great! Thanks! Here are mine. I am currently carving two more as we speak. May take a while though as my oldest likes to help out! LOL
    IMG_1160.JPG IMG_1161.JPG
  7. ^^ Wow! Those look great. Did you use a pattern? I used a Pumpkin Masters pattern for mine.
  8. On yeah! We used pumpkin masters as well! They are the best!! We use them every year!
  9. Wow, what great pumpkins! So cute.
  10. Damn! Y'alls pumpkins look great!! We didn't get one this year. *hmmpf!
  11. You still have time!! :yes:
  12. Damn you guys are good !! :yes:
  13. Those are all awesome! I am so lame...I haven't carved a pumpkin in years. I absolutely love jack o lanterns and Halloween. This is the start of my favorite time of the through December. Warms my heart! :smile:
  14. Those are so cool!

    I was on the phone with my dad today and he pointed out that this is the first Halloween I'm not living at home. He asked me what he was going to do about pumpkins, because without me he's going to be lost in picking one out.

    I told him how to pick out a bag of candy. ("Just one bag, because we don't get that many kids. Make sure they're individually wrapped . . . screw it, just get a bag of mini Kit Kats.")
  15. Loving the pumpkins - anyone got any more to share? I haven't this year but after seeing the pics I am tempted!!:yes: