My J. Lo glow... is discontinued?... eeeek

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  1. have a look as to if revlon has any other illuminating product - i think it may be called bare it all? on the other hand, you could try out mac in give one of their mineralise skinfinishes a go - they are really illuminating!
  2. I have an illuminating powder from Revlon.. I can't think of the name right now but I'm pretty sure it sounds something like what Nzsallyb said, Bare Lights or something.... It's great! Nars highliters are cute too.
  3. yes the one I am refering to is called Skin lights Illuminating powder from Revlon. I love it. You get that J. Lo glow.. I will have to be on the look out for something similar.
  4. ^^ Ouch! Damn Revlon. I haven't used mine in a while since I got Nars.. I'd say it's a good substitute, only it's a lot more expensive and you get like 10% of the product. It's a colour called Albatross, packaged like an eyeshadow.