My Ivory Mayfair

  1. So happy! I got this today, getting ready for Spring! This is my first MJ :yahoo:
  2. congrats! it's so pretty. the mix quilted line is one of my favorites. be prepared for many more mj bags in your future!
  3. ooh, it's so cute. congrats!
  4. Gorgeous in ivory! So pretty and ladylike. (I :heart: my teal Mayfair!) Enjoy.

  5. It does look so pretty in Ivory! :heart::heart: What a beautiful bag...congrats!!
  6. She's gorgeous, perfect for spring!
  7. congrats!! very pretty.
  8. It's gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  9. Beautiful! I love the ivory with the gold hardware - looks so good together !
  10. I love this bag and it looks amazing in ivory! :love: Congrats!!
  11. :tup: very lovely, congrats!!
  12. a perfect first!!
  13. Thank you all SOOO MUCH on the wonderful feedbacksss!!! I love my baby mayfair!

    I have to tell, I got this bag in discount for around 551 US dollars, I cannot believe it! I know, it was such a steal! :graucho:
  14. And I love love the gold hardware!:heart:
  15. Congrats! :woohoo: Great bag, nice color and even better price! :nuts: