My itty bitty collection!

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  1. I only have three but I love them dearly!

    Presenting my Gauffre Satchel, Cervo Bowler, and Nappa Patchwork Tote!

    The leather on my Pradas is so buttery soft and yummy! The Miu Miu tote I was unsure about but I have now decided to keep it because its just so pretty!

  2. good decision! that last miu miu is gorgeous!!!
  3. Gung, Congrats on your lovely collection! I only have a few myself, but I really love them to death. If I may say so, my favorite is your gaufre... but I'm biased because that's my HG even if don't have one yet. You have great taste!
  4. Thank you both for the kind comments! :yes::heart:
  5. Those are beautiful!!!

    Love the Miu Miu!
  6. Thanks for the sweet comments ladies!:heart::yes:
  7. YUMMY!!! I really LOVE that Miu Miu tote!!!! I have been looking for one like that myself.....where did you find it? Which color is's PERFECT!
  8. I am quite partial to the first, your Gauffre. *s
  9. i luv the 1st and the 3rd! nice
  10. Lovely... thanks for the nice pics!
  11. beautiful bags!