My itsy bitsy chanel collection


Dec 25, 2008
LVLux : Lenscrafters are the only ones that are authorized to sell chanel reading frames, i believe i have these but in black

by the way i love your glasses and EARRINGS!!!
when did u get them? how much were they?

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Apr 14, 2008
lovely stuff hun! I'm thinking of getting these glasses but in the super dark purple with magenta on the inside because I love the style..just don't know if black hair and dark thick frames suits me enough though
hi everyone, it's been quite some time since i've been able to get back to this thread, but thank you all for the very nice comments! :smile:

LVlux, i bought my chanel glasses from my ophthalmologist's office. they were great at helping me pick the perfect pair. i tried on dior's and many other brands, but chanel was just the best of course. check your local eye doctor or lens crafters as chanelleen has mentioned. if you have a Rx from another doctor within the past year, they should be happy to help you out.

rainbowchick, your black/black glasses must look so sharp! my eye doctor's office didn't have those when i was looking, but i'm happy with my black/tan too!

chanelleen, i LOVE your pair too! those are so classic and lovely. i can't wear round/oval shaped glasses as well as the square type because my face is so round. my DBF got me the earrings for my last birthday. he went to the chanel store in dallas. i think he paid around $150 + tax for them. i like them because they are a little more unusual than the regular ones with an antiqued flair to them. i hope you find a pair if you like them.

cookies_n_cream, i loved the dark purple/magenta pair- i tried them on too. i have dark hair, and i think they looked good on me. i went with the black/tan because i don't wear glasses that often so i wanted a more neutral pair. i think the tan looks better with my dark hair rather than all black frames. i would have considered getting the purple/magenta for a second pair if i had needed one. good luck with finding a pair you love. you should go to a store and try them on!