My itsy bitsy chanel collection

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  1. Just thought I would share, I don't have a lot of Chanel, but I got these fantastic earrings from my bf on my birthday last August and just got these glasses! I am so excited, purses: look out, you're next!

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  2. Very cute glasses, I love the camelia detail, and such classic earrings. Great start to your collection. Thanks for sharing.
  3. That's a great start! Nice pics!
  4. cute glasses!
  5. love ur camelia!! and earrings!!. congrats.
  6. great start to a great a collection.
  7. OOHH, love the glasses and the earrings........have the glasses myself....Congrats...:heart:H
  8. love them both
  9. That's a great start! Can't wait to see what bag you'll pick first!
  10. Congrats on your pretty glasses and earrings..!!
  11. nice earrings!
  12. ronsdiva, pond23, xstacyx, drunkykrol, allbrandspls, habanerita, beljwl, ocgirl, parisdarlings, cchan83... thank you all for the nice comments! i look forward to seeing your own collections as i browse thru the subforms. i'm just getting into these since i got a few great things from the sales.

    i normally wear contacts, but i needed a pair of glasses that i wasn't embarrassed to go out in when i needed to... i spent a lot of time looking at pairs, but this one kept calling me ;)
  13. I agree!:smile:
  14. Great collection, looking forward to pictures of your first bag!
  15. :huh:H, the glasses are cute!! ;)