my items don´t show up on the Ebay site

  1. i have 2 designer item listed which should be also available for buyers from the US and Canada. however, when i visit the American eBay site ( with worldwide shipping option), i can´t find them. they seem to be only viewed on the European site. i have no idea how to fix it.
    thanks a lot in advance
  2. It take me about 24hrs before they are showing. Its a quirk with eBay listing. Annoying but it happens on designer goods.
  3. I may have mis-understood...if its showing in Europe but not US or Canada...I'm not sure.

    I know there was a thread recently, about sellers in the Uk, and their items no longer showing in the US. eBay had changed the way items are listed.
  4. thanks a lot for your help.
    i have just checked the US ebay site and finally found my listed items. so now everything is fine. :yes: