My item sold and now it says "no longer registered user"!

  1. After my tragedy a couple of weeks ago with my gucci tote that I sold to some buyer who emailed me after auction close that they "changed their mind", i relisted....the bag sold again to someone that APPEARED to be legit. They had lovely feedback from other sellers. Now, when I go to send an invoice, it works, however it shows that this user is no longer registered. Does this mean I got Screwed AGAIN!!!??? If I have to relist this a third time I am going to throw my computer out the window!:cursing:
  2. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that! Now that the buyer is NARU'd, it's probably safer for you to relist rather than proceed with the sale!
  3. Ugh! Sorry to hear about that. At least you can file a NPB report and you will get your FVF credited immediately since the winner is NARU'd.
  4. nope, it's still not letting me file a NPB until a week has passed
  5. You certainly are having a streak of bad luck. Contact the buyer and see what she says. We all know how easy it is to get knocked off eBay and maybe she wants to pay you directly or something...give her the benefit of the doubt for a very short time and then relist. Maybe it is a sign you should keep the bag????
  6. Oh wait, you are right Smooth, I did just get my FVF back right away. But still....relisting this AGAIN is getting to me! GRRRRR.....ok I have vented! (at least I just received my Chanel GST yesterday and that made me smile!)
  7. Contact eBay, either by email or by livechat. They should refund you immediately if you tell them the buyer is NARU'd.
  8. It did issue me a refund for the final value annoying though that I have to relist again...this will be the 3rd time!
  9. oh girl, i'm so sorry to hear this happen again to u....
  10. I hate when that happens, so many crapy people on eBay. This is why I am done with this ebay. try listing on craigslist.
  11. oh my :cursing:
  12. I will definitely not complete the transaction. Did the buyer paid for the item? if not, You can file a non paying buyer complaint and select the option that says "buyer is no longer a registered user", then ebay will close the claim automatically and you will recover you selling fees. Good Luck!!!
  13. WOW! Im so sorry :sad:
  14. Oh no, maddening, but I wouldn't take the risk with the transaction. So sorry :sad: