My Item is missing when I pick up my pre-sale (paid) items.

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  1. As many of you know, I got the Jolicoeur Tote Bag with pink stripes at pre-sale with a matching wallet.

    I chose the items last Monday and paid for them.

    They don't have the tote in stock in the Boston store. And they said they can order from the NY store. And I have to pay $10 shipping. Fine. And they will ship the bag to the boston store, so I can pick both items up on 6/5.

    Yesterday, I went and picked up my pre-sale items. The tote is not there. And I only got the wallet. The SA told me the tote is not here yet.

    The funny thing is, I went to the store last Tuesday I saw the Jolicoeur Tote Bag with pink stripes in display.
    I was thinking, "did someone just return it??"

    Now, I am really worried. I didn't get a package at home yesterday. And I haven't got a call from my sales.

    Do you think my bag is missing? If it is, are they going to give me a refund?? What I am going to do with my wallet. I am getting it only because it matches the tote.

    I had a sleepless night.
  2. I'm sure if you don't end up with the tote, they'll refund you. And I'd pitch a fit about the wallet if they won't take it back (in the case you don't get the tote).
  3. :yes:
  4. ^I also agree!

    It also shouldn't hurt for them to compensate a little! Prepaid items are essentially a transaction and its unacceptable for them to come out empty handed.
  5. i would def. be speaking to the manager asap! unaceptable, we pay way too much money to be dealing with this kind of or no sale!
  6. why didnt u just ask for the one that was displayed? unless ur like me and HATE display items haha :smile:

    but dont worry, with my experience with gucci i know they are just relaly really really slow on shipping! they ship from the store to ur store and then from ur store to ur house

    why? nobody knows! thats why i always opt to just pick it up from the store!! (that way ull save the shippin cost too haha :smile: )
  7. Sorry Ladies.

    I forget to reply back. I got too excited after I received the bag.

    They didn't have it in display. I tried the same bag in a different color.

    My SA called me after my lunch break, so I picked it up after work.
  8. Btw<
  9. BTW, thanks for all the kind words, Ladies.
  10. OMG!!!! you are sooooooo lucky!:yahoo:So happy for you. I'm still trying to find one........... does anyone know where can I pick one up? I called almost the stores in US...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. I paid for it in Boston last monday, 5/28. They ordered it from the NY store (donno which one.)

    Good Luck!!
  12. actually the same thing happened to another tPFer member... i put my VISA down for a wallet because fellow tPFer oneedition (my friend!), forgot her cc. when i went to pick it up for her the day after the public gucci sale, they said they didn't have it!!!!!! i checked my visa and they didn't charge me weird. i know for sure my visa wasn't declined because there was so much credit left....weird. but my SA was totally sorry, but he didnt compensate me or anything because he said the SAs aren't the ones that ring up the presale items so although he feels bad, it isn't really his matter..... >:sad:
  13. awww I'm still waiting for mine from the Hawaii store. Can you please post a pic wearing it? I want to see how big it is. Thanks!!:smile:
  14. Here is the pic.

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  15. another pic

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