My Isabella Fiore Oasis

  1. I swear I am going to attempt to put myself on a voluntary Purse Ban until the Spring Koobas came out. I have bought 7 bags this month. I am OUTTA CONTROL!
    Here's my newest. IF Kate Oasis in Dark Brown. Perfect medium size and so pretty. I like the plainer IF bags and I was watching this one ever since someone posted in here getting the Rust colored one. Got it for 300.00. It's maybe not in everyone's taste but I'm putting it in a place of honor next to my Audra.
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  2. congrats on the purchase.
    not my style though, but i like the colour :P
  3. Oh I love it! Congrats!
  4. I tinlove that bag!!!! I've been thinking about getting one too - in the dark brown or that light blue color!!! So cute. Where did you get it for $300?
  5. My Trusted Kooba seller had it in her stock of older IF bags. She currently did not have it listed and I just happened to ask her if she had one. I think the light blue is pretty but I am a brown nut. I hate the Mustard color one. Bleck!
  6. Very nice! Which Audra do you have?
  7. That's a very nice bag! I can imagine getting lots of compliments with that one.:yes:
  8. Very nice bag! Congrats.
  9. lexie - you have bought so many bags lately hon! I can't help but be proud:P
  10. Soo Pretty ....great buy
  11. The Audra WhipFlash with the enameled studs in a whiskey Brown color with gold sheen....
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    And would even be more proud of me after today. My purse ban lasted less than 24 hours. I just bought a Gryson Skye in Chocolate for a good price...525.
    As for my husband being proud? He thinks I need analyzed. Instead of waiting for the Spring line (which usually carries colors I don;t like as much) I wanted to get this bag before it gets harder to get.