My iPod is being a jerk.

  1. I remember posting in a thread a couple of days ago about not trusting Apple because of their malfunctioning products. Little did I know, it would happen again. [I should seriously post in another thread about how much I would like a million bucks.] This time, I try to play a song, and the song doesn't play. Instead, the a$$hole iPod shuffles through all the songs in the playlist until the very end and then goes back to the main menu. All the while, still not playing any music.

    My iPod has malfunctioned before, but not like this. It has frozen more than twice in the past, draining all the battery because the light was on the entire time. It started working properly again once it was recharged.

    But I don't know what the hell is happening now. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Like you have already discovered, usually recharging your ipod can clear minor glitches, that works for can also try the forum at
  3. I went on their forum. This is confirmed. I HATE Apple. Everything they do is overly complicated and unnecessary. I hate their site layout, and I hate their basic support system. But most of all, I HATE how their retarded products like to randomly die on you. Everyone I know has had their iPods malfunction on them. I seriously hate this company.
  4. I've had 4 ipods and never had a single problem with any of them. Maybe you should take it to an apple store, and talk to the manager about your troubles.
  5. Have you tried all of the five R's? I've owned five iPods, (currently only have three, though), and the five R's always work. Although on my Mini, I had to do a full restore twice.

    I never use the forum, it's too full of people that need help and not enough who "know". If you sift through all of the help articles (which can take a while), you can almost always solve the problem yourself.
  6. I had one minor functioning problem that my BF solved by seeking advice on the internet as the others suggested.
    Otherwise smg I have noticed in general with Apple is don't run to get the first batch of their new products, bc they are the ones that will most likely lead to problems. They test them directly on cosumers, it happened to 2 friends of mine with their mini. I waited 1 year before getting the nano and no problem !
  7. We, too, are up to five iPods and have experienced no problems with any of them. The oldest one was having battery problems, but I was able to purchase and replace for about $30.

    That said, a failure rate of ~1% is expected in manufacturing. When you compare that to the number of iPods out there, there will be plenty of lemons. If it is under warranty, return it. If not, do some more research, is where I go when I have questions about iPods/iTunes/accessories.
  8. Mines is an a**hole too:sad:
    It comes up with the, you have no power please connect ipod to power, then the song that was playing comes up in like plays like a cd that has a mark on it (I am not the best at explaining stuff!)

    I think I am gonna buy a new one.
  9. I fixed it. Thank goodness I have a friend who is a total tech geek.
    iPods in general are pretty much like little hardrives so they are bound to have some sort of problem because they aren't simple machines like your regular mp3 players, she said. For all little glitches like the ones I have experienced, all you have to do is hold the top and middle button down (at the same time) until the screen turns black and the apple logo appears. What that does is completely shuts down the iPod. Any other way of shutting down an iPod does not actually shut the iPod down completely and really just puts the machine on stand-by.
    I do appreciate the feedback guys.
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    I strongly suggest you not buy a new one because as you can see, a lot of people have had problems with their iPods. Chances are, it's going to happen again on the new one you buy. Just try what I tried and it may get fixed without hassle. If it continues to be retarded, just bring it in to the store.
  11. my ipod did that one time.
    i pushed "play" and the song never started!!!
    so i left it alone and it turned itself off.
    about 3 months later (i forgot i had an ipod) i decided to "test" it, i pressed play and it played the song!!!!!!!!!
    but now its doing the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my brother says that its the battery cause they really suck but i dont know.
  12. ^The battery shouldn't suck. It should last AT LEAST a couple of years. And I hear that when it does eventually die, you can bring your iPod back to the store and get a new free battery to replace it. I don't know how true that is though considering how Apple charges you more on everything.
  13. It's not free. They have a battery replacement program. You ship the iPod back to Apple and they send you a refurbished iPod with a working battery, and it costs $65. I did that with my 1st generation iPod Mini (died after a year), then the refurbed one they sent me died after 2 years, then I got a 30gig iPod 5th generation this past May, no problems since.
  14. hmm; I must of got a friendly iPod LOL! I've never experienced any of these problems.