MY INSTANT REVEAL! She's here she's here!

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  1. Really sorry to hear your sad news :sad: x

  2. Gorgeous kitty, sorry that she passed :sad:
  3. Oh bless you and her that is so sad.....but at least she managed to get home to you......for a last cuddle...she was a gorgeous girl
  4. So sorry about your beautiful kitty.
  5. Oh, I am so sorry about your kitty, what a beautiful girl. Our cat was also a stray and still a kitten when she came to us, and couldn't be only an indoor cat, so I completely understand. I hope you can take comfort in the knowledge that you gave her a good and happy life for all the time she was with you. :hugs:

    Annoying about the bag, BUT onto the next one! Oooh, hard question: I think if anything mint Cecily is even lovelier that the berry cream, but I also love the blush Alexa. I'd go for both, ultimately, if possible - so whichever of the two you can find a great deal on right now, and then keep saving for when the other comes along at a good price later. :smile:
  6. :sad: she was beautiful, really sorry for your loss
  7. Aw so sorry about your poor cat :sad: she was gorgeous, looked just like my cats kitten :smile:
  8. Love pictures of your cat with your mulbs, sorry to hear.
  9. Thank you guys so much I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who understand! She is happy now and that's all that matters

    Bag wise I think I'm just going to go for the blush Alexa! I hope they have some left by the time my check clears lol!
  10. She was a beautiful kitten. At least she found a loving owner .

    Can't you ring and explain your situation and see if they will as a special case keep one back for you until the cheque clears??
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. As a owner of 3 cats and 2 dogs I know what it feels like to lose a pet because I lost 4 in the past and every time I still cry. Love your mulberries though!

  12. I tried to! I talked to my favorite SA and she put one in the back but I talked to another SA to make sure it was still there and she was really rude and said "that's not something we can do"..
  13. Thank you we went out on a search for a new kitty but Sophia set the standard very high :/
  14. Great news I got prices! So here are the options :smile:

    Blush Alexa : $1200
    Medium Cecily mint :$1200
    Regular mint Cecily :$800

    What do you guys think!!!??
  15. I know! But you'll learn to love the new one as well. They just warm your heart!:smile: