MY INSTANT REVEAL! She's here she's here!

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  1. Well almost instant as I am stuck in the post office waiting lol. :| ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392307855.735067.jpg
  2. ooooo, not the Lexie I can see then???
  3. Is the Lexie getting nervous?
  4. Let's see her.

    Actually I am happy you revealed the sun...I am in PA where it is yet again snowing. Just spent morning shoveling 10 inches of snow. Again. Am sick of the color white.
  5. Oh I'm here is Lexi waiting for a sister?
  6. She was! Lol but sadly there will be reveal I sent my cecily back as she had a huge grease stain :sad: my mom was kind enough to take her straight back to the post office for me sorry for the let down!

  7. Aw no :sad: how awful! Will you be ordering a replacement?
  8. That's sad. I do hope Lexie enjoyed the sun! X
  9. V sad.
  10. Noooo i purchased it from Ann fab finds it was on sale it was like an opportunity buy! I was super bummed especially because the delivery went so wrong but I think I'm going to save up for the original bag I wanted the blush Alexa!
  11. Aw no :sad: ohh blush Alexa is beautiful :smile: keep checking the shopping threads one may pop up :smile:
  12. Oh so sorry - but fingers crossed that you will find THE one soon...
  13. Thanks guys! This week has been a hard one! Last week on Wednesday my kitten passed away so the whole family has been down in the dumps. I was hoping this would cheer me a bit you know? something to look forward too but if it wasn't meant to be then oh well! But I have another question now ;)
    Medium Cecily in mint or blush Alexa? Lol!!!
  14. Awwww sorry to hear about your kittie sending you hugs
  15. Thank you! She was a happy little baby that loved everyone around her. It's sad because she was so young she wasn't even full grown but she came into our lives a stray kitten and already knew what it was like to play outside. So we couldn't keep her inside all day she would cry and it just stare outside so we had no choice, we wanted her to be happy. But she was hit by a car and died of internal bleeding. She made it home though and was able to die with everyone around her. We are extremely lucky that we were able say goodbye. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392390704.257350.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392390724.377683.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392390744.564498.jpg

    She loved mulberry as much as her mommy :smile: