My INSANE visit to LV, then Gucci!!!! warning: LONG!!!!!!

  1. Ok, I went to LV this morning right when they opened. I was the only 1 in the store. I had a GRRREAT time! LOL!!

    I went to find a back up bag if (for whatever reason) I don't like the Onatah GM in leather when I see IRL. Btw, I just got the list for it yesterday.

    The bags I wanted to see were: the Highbury, Illovo MM, and the Chelsea.

    They didn't have a Chelsea in the store for me to ck out. :sad: Oh well..

    I looked at all of those then decided I'd like to see a number of other bags I had been curious about. So before you know it I was in a LV FRENZY! LOL!:yahoo: I was having me a good ol' time! Looking at bag, after bag, after BAG!

    My SA was really nice about it. I told her I was on the list for the Onatah and if I didn't like it, I was looking for a replacement. Heehee! ::drool: WHEW!

    These are the bags I looked at:


    Lock it (small)
    Lock it Horizontal
    Pop Haut
    Manhattan GM
    Manhattan PM
    Tulum GM
    Tulum PM
    Hudson GM
    Coussin GM
    Looping (Med. Large)
    Mini Looping
    Tikal GM


    Illovo MM
    Saleya PM, and MM
    Belem MM

    Epi Leather:
    Speedy 30(in black) I just wanted to see the size difference compared to a reg. mono speedy 30. was curious...I asked about the "mocha" speedy if there was one, (wasn't sure) or if was discontinued or whatever...Then she told me there was a new color for the epi leather "sienna". I asked her when that would be in. Then later another SA brought it out...:smile: The Epi leather Speedy in Sienna (I believe that's what she said). She said it was a 25, but looked a bit bigger than my Cerise. But not as big as the 30. Hmm??
    Was nice! But..I'm looking for a shoulder bag.

    Perfo Speedy (fuschia)

    Fringe Speedy (black) I asked to see this, just out of curiousity.

    Ok, after ALL THIS LV action...I checked the time and I still had time to go to Gucci. I only have LVs (2 coach from before I got into LV). Lately, I've been wanting to "branch out" to something else. But have been a bit "wary" cuz I don't know I think.."it's not LV". :confused1:

    I had responded to a thread a few wks. ago that someone posted saying about "if your are only loyal to LV" etc. Neway...alot of PFers were saying .."buy what you like" regardless of the brand, etc. So I figured I had the time (had to pick up my daughter early from school today) ...So I went for the 1st time to Gucci. Tried on about 7 bags. They were really nice! I narrowed it down to 2 that I liked. And one out of those 2 I REALLY REALLY liked. UT OH!!!!!!!:wtf:

    So now I'm in a dilemma. I liked this particular Gucci so much I feel like getting it and taking my name off this list for the Onatah.

    I mean...I kinda want something different. The Gucci bag is so nice! I love it!! But I also loved the Tulum GM! VERY NICE! Then there's the "Onatah" ACK!!!!!! LOL, I should've stayed home today..:Push:

    But...See...the Tulum is mono. (the majority of my LVs are mono.) I wanted something "different" that's why I was going for the damier bags. BUT I have the Speedy in Damier...just wanted to get a shoulder bag in damier. Then I find out about the Onatah...which I like alot too! But then I want to "branch out" and try something different Gucci, chanel, prada...BUT I'm LOVIN' Gucci. Then I tell myself the Onatah is limited addition...(this kills me). But then I'm like, "all I have is LV, try something new/different" = gucci. I think I may go get the Gucci and take my name off the list for the Onatah. I don't know.....ARGH! :shrugs:

    Here's the link to one of the Gucci bags I liked. This is the one I'm leaning towards..
  2. all of your choices are very nice bags :yes: from what i'm getting from you, you seem to be torn between only the gucci and the onatah. Since you were looking for a just-in-case-you-don't-like-it for the onatah, i'm thinking you aren't really in love it. Therefore, i'd go gucci :smile: You seem to like that more.
  3. oops! double post sorry :shame:
  4. I love that gucci! I think you should get that especially if you have a lot of mono already. Seems like you want something new and outside LV
  5. Thx for the replies!!:smile:

    Ya, I feel "maybe" it's time to try something new. That Gucci bag was so nice! The leather was so soft. I left there in :heart:. I was like, "now what??!?" LOL! I loved it so much I told my DH I'm ready to be taken off the LV list for the Onatah. :wtf: Did I just say that?!?!?!?

    Ya, I have all mono (10 total..something like that), 1 MC white, 1 fuschia bag, 1 damier. Out of all my bags...only 3 shoulder.

    The good thing is I know I definitely want a shoulder bag. The love the Tulum GM..(but maybe I should forget it "for now" being I have enough mono) The Onatah is BEAUTIFUL...but I do want to try something new...then there's the Gucci....WOW! Hmm? But every now and then the Tulum pops in my head. :rolleyes:

    Maybe I need to go back to the Gucci store again and really ck them out further.:yes:
  6. Since I am a Damier freak, my 2 cents would be...
    check out the Chelsea b/f you decide. Its really a bag like no other (to me) and truely yummy looking and the favorite out of all my Damier bags.

    I had to chase it down at to the LV store in Century City mall...if you are close..I can give you their number if you like. Personally, I dont care alot for gucci b/c it is so trendy...dont hate me...:sweatdrop: and my friends who carry them seem to fall out of love quickly plus...I think its not made as great as the LV. Dont hate me....:shame:

    All in all..I think you should take your time and look around a bit if you are not sure.
  7. *Ducking* I would go for the gucci, it does sound like you like that better, plus it is nice to, as you say, branch out.

    How did you like the hudson GM? I have been eyeing that one?
  8. omg I had fun reading your thread!!! I have a similar dilema, but I'm too lazy to type out onto the forum so I just keep it all in my head and day dream about my bag choices allll day. I too, am in LOVE with the Tulum GM, and I love how it's two bags in one...but when I went to visit Gucci a couple of months ago I saw the same Britt tote in brown and I fell in love with that too! Since you do have a lot of monos...I'd forgo the tulum and go for the Gucci (it is such a beautiful shape and leather that I feel is not very trendy).

    I think whatI would do right now is just think about it for a couple days and just keep your name on list for the onatah gm. the onatah seems like a really great bag and i'd wait to see it before I make any descision to take you name off the list. after all, you can always decide not to buy it when it comes in. another thing, is the tulum gm will always be there...where as the gucci britt tote may not since they get new styles so often...I hope I've helped a little bit with your desicion!! but please keep your name on the onatah list!! keep us updated!!
  9. LOL :lol: I'm not hatin'. I need all the help and advice I can get. This is a hard decision for me (get another LV, or try something new gucci, or maybe ck out chanel..Hmm?) Not sure about Chanel though.

    Whatever bag I decide on "it's" supposed to be my Christmas gift. So I want to make sure I make the right choice. I think I'll do some research on the Gucci boards and educate myself a bit more. And also ck. out and see somemore styles as well.

    Thx for your input! :yes:
  10. The hudson GM was nice, but the strap was a bit long for me. I like the bag to hang a higher up. The SA said I could buy a short strap for it though. The opening seemed a bit tight for me. A tad small for what I needed. It was a pretty bag. I just think it would be right for me.:s

  11. Thx for the help!!;) Well, I did see a pic online of the Onatah GM.
    tis the last one..

    I really liked it!! Well, loved it! But that was "before" I seen the Gucci. I guess I should wait and see it IRL (the Onatah)...but the bad thing is I'm very impatient...I look at it and think..."I like it alot..." but yet it's "another LV"...

    Ok, gonna stay on the list "for now" lol...but you never know I may post tomorrow that I got a Gucci, or...? Who knows with me..? LOL I'm so changeable..! Argh...:hysteric: :upsidedown:
  12. I know how you feel, it's a tough decision. It seemed like you had an awesome day....trying on all those bags. That's a beautiful Gucci bag, but if you really want a bag that will last forever damier is it. The leather on the Gucci can get scuffed. But, it's a hard decision, good luck.
  13. Ya, it was alot of fun!!:yahoo: Thx for the tip about the Gucci getting scuffed I'll remember that. We'll see what I can figure out.;)
  14. hehe you're too funny...that's what I meant was to try it on IRL first...but to me it sounds like you're leaning toward the gucci! maybe you should getit then! or get BOTH...I mean all three heheh!!:yahoo:
  15. Did you try on the Manhattan GM? If so, how did you like it?