My Ink Work will be coming to me on Wed!!!

  1. This is my first bbag and I'm super excited, I won't be home next mon/tue and I have to ask BNY to fedex it to me in stead of doing fedex ground. I'm normally really cheap and I cannot let my husband see another box of stuff from department store. Oh well, what is $18 out of $1500. :shrugs:

    I am looking at these gorgeous pictures of the bag, and wonder about this, so any Ink owners-

    1. The pictures here at this link, is it because of the camera flashes, or does Ink actually changes color under diff lighting? which pic's color is the truest (if that's word!!)?
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    2. Is it really bad to use Ink with red color? I have tons of red shoes, just wondering...

  2. i must say, will the right dress, i won't mind mixing this with a red shoe
  3. Ink always looks different, depending on the light. That is the main reason so many people love it!

    I wear my ink bag with anything and everything. I never worry about matching, but I can wear anything I want to work so my situation is different. I manage a 1-person office and I am the one person. *L* So I could wear my pj's if I wanted to.
  4. agree with u LoriB!!!
    i wore anything i want. i guess the difference between an lv and a b-bag is it's more versatile, you can dress whatever you like.
    and to be honest, i've seen the difference between those who love lv and who love balenciaga more.
    lv's usually are a more dressed up, neat, matching clothes ladies
    while balenciaga's are more laid back and free style ladies.

  5. Hehehhe...i'm in medical, so quite conservative group, but at least this is not like LV monogram with logos all over...

    I just want to make it look good, if wearing it with red looks ugly, then I'l have to go get more black shoes. :smile:
  6. Congratulations on your first Balenciaga! Ink looks to be a gorgeous colour! Please post many, many pictures when you get it!

    I wish you well,

  7. Yay! Congrats and I think the ink would look awesome w/ red.
  8. Don't worry about matching...I wear my ink city with anything and everything! The color really do change depending on lighting. When I have it sitting at my desk at work, it looks black, while outside in daylight it looks deep blue with a hint of purple undertones. It's soooo gorgeous, yet it's a color that's very hard to capture in pictures... my pics always make it either look deep blue or black, can never get the purpleish undertones in the pictures. You would love it! Congrats! :yahoo: :love: