My ink work bag came today but...

  1. I'm really exicted to be a proud owner of a b-bag, but I'm not entire sure about this. I think there may be alot of variation in terms of color of an ink bag. Mine is a bit on the purple side for my taste :sad:

    I'm going to try on all my suits to see if it looks okay, but I'm thinking about exchanging it to a black work.
    I think the rouge vif will be gorgeous, but I don't want to risk it, since I know for sure I'll love the black.

    I'll let it sit with me for one night and make a decision. The nice SA has a nice black one for me on hold.

    now, how in the hell am i suppose to send this back if i decide to exchange? do i need to insure it? How do you gals handle this?
  2. You should definitely insure it if you send it back. That is for your protection. Try on your suits with the bag and if you aren't feeling it even a little bit exchange it. I don't believe in not loving a bag completely for the price you paid for it.
  3. Thank you so much!!

    i'm feeling really stupid because this is suppose to be a great color!
  4. if you're having doubts about the INK then you should return it for sure... but i think INK is great 'coz its still a dark colour - but not black... good luck on what you decide!
  5. Congrats on the arrival of your Ink Work. Sorry to hear it may not be what you want, but you do have a great 'cannot miss' back up plan in place (the Black Work) already if you do decide to return it. Ink is a gorgeous color but it may not be a color for everyone and that's okay. Black is a staple Bbag color and looks great in the Work style too. :smile:
  6. By the way, there was a knot tied on one of the tassle, i'm a newbie here, is it supposed to be like that??
  7. faye, there should not be a knot tied on the tassels. ink is a great color, but if you're not feeling it... by all means exchange it for the black work. can't go wrong with black. definitely insure and get tracking if you are going to send it back. good luck on your decision.
  8. i agree... return it if you dont love it! but honestly, I think ink is an aincredible color, a little funky, but still conservative ;) Black is an excellent option as well though!
  9. Just give a couple of days to try it out~~i absolutely adore my ink hobo, its my favorite bbag now!!
  10. I love my ink city, but mine is definitely on the darkest blue side of the ink spectrum

  11. Awwww, you're so lucky!!

    Now, why is there a knot tied on my work bag??? U think its a returned item?
  12. :wlae: congrats! try it out for a couple of days and if you still have any reserve feelings about it then return it for a black. can not go wrong with a black one at all:yes:

    my ink first is more purple while my work is more blue.
  13. give your ink a chance before you change your mind!

    if you still don't feel it after a couple days, get the black work. i'm biased; i think all black b-bags are fab!
  14. I'd definitely go for the black if you don't love the ink. For the $$$$ of the Work, you should love it wholeheartedly.
  15. Thanks all!! I can feel the ink growing on me already, but I'm a tad bothered by the tied knots on the bag... should I be?