my ink twiggy

  1. i felt like it was only fair that my ink twiggy gets her proper debut here on tPF!
    she was purchased off ebay from lovely PFer Tori.

    picture of her 1) post-applecare rubdown, and 2) with my black twiggy for comparison.

    edited to add watermarks! :Push:
    InkTwiggytPF.jpg TwiggystPF.jpg
  2. Those Twiggys are gorgeous..:love: Congrats!
  3. lovely!! the ink is so pretty in a twiggy! :kiss: good choice!
  4. Absolutely fabulous.

    Funny, it wasn't until I joined tPF did I become interested in Balenciaga... LOL
  5. congratulations *jennifer*, i :heart: my black twiggy so much!!!
  6. Great looking twiggies, Jennifer! :heart: :love: Congrats!
  7. gorgeous, i love the color. congrats!
  8. Beautiful Twiggys *jennifer* - love the INK!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. thank you, everyone, for the love!
    my bbag ika ("squid" in japanese) appreciates it. :amuse:

    yes, d&g rockstar, something about the tPF spawns new desires and fuels the already burning ones!
  10. loves it!:biggrin:
  11. *jennifer* i totally love your INK twiggy!!! i SO wish i got something INK... oh well!!! congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  12. thank you, all!
    helenNZ, what kind of ink bag are you looking for? i know there is an authentic shopping on ebay currently.
  13. hey *jennifer* :amuse: i'm just looking!!! hehehehehe, but i guess it wouldn't hurt to get an INK weeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee!!!! i havent really seen a shopping one before... i'll be sure to check out eBay VERY soon! thanks! :flowers:
  14. Congrats, *jennifer*! It's gorgeous!!! Enjoy! :smile:
  15. Wow Jennifer! Your Ink twiggy is a beauty! And you can really appreciate the purplish colour when you put it next to the black.