My Ink Shrug is out for delivery (finally!)

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  1. After a week of waiting, my much anticipated first Bbag, an ink shrug, is out for delivery. Yay! I have to wait until after work to get it, but I'll be sure to post pics later tonight or tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!!! I got free shipping from Barney's so I guess I can't complain. :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post pics so we can drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  3. yay!

    I love ink. can't wait to see pics
  4. Zacorey and Jem -- Thank you so much for anticipating with me and for your enthusiasm for my choice of bags. I just hope it's love at first sight! Oh, I'll post pics for sure!!!
  5. yay, can't wait to see!
  6. WCLC, I can't wait to see it! I'm sure you are excited!:yahoo:
  7. MRG - Yes I am. I feel like it's been a month since I ordered it. That's exaggerating of course. I've never felt a B-bag before so I'm really excited!!!!

    MBL - Thanks. I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  8. Update - Just checked the online tracking and it was delivered about 1 hour ago. Now, I have to wait about 3 hours before I can see it.
  9. EEK!!! Can't wait to see!!! :nuts: Post lost of pics!!
  10. exciting. Just rec'd my first bbag, the french blue city. It smells so good I wanted to sleep next to it!! j/k no really....
  11. congrats! did you get it on sale?