My INK Parker is here!

  1. Ok....I am so surprised by this bag. I had a whole different idea of what it would be. I thought it was a thin leathered bag. The leather is thick and very luxurious. Much thicker than I expected. Very very comfy on the shoulder with a nice slouch.

    The color is not NOT a Plum or Vibrant Blue as we see in some pics. It's a true Ink color, A dark deep Blueberry color. My husband said it was black when I asked him what color it was but then I put it in the light and he said it's a dark violet blue. It's gorgeous and lush feeling but I think it is going to be quite sturdy. The leather does not look sensitive. Hubby said it was a very classy looking bag. He did not think it was a Kooba.

    It's going to be very very useable. Lightweight and comfortable with the 2 front handy pockets. I am glad I got it. I am using it right now.

    In my pics the bag is the true-est to color I could get but it still has lightened the bag a touch. Think of a Dark Blueberry and that is the color.


  2. What a great color. I had the Parker in black patent and it was a really neat bag but it was just to shiny for me. But this one looks wonderful. Glad you love it Lexie. I was thinking of maybe the Natasha in ink.
  3. Beautiful bag, Lexie.
  4. Beautiful bag is right! Love that color. I would love to see Kooba do more blue bags. Congratulations!!
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. The color is TDF. Beautiful.
  7. It's 8 o'clock in the morning.......why am I suddenly hungry for a big piece of blueberry pie??? :shrugs::choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:
  8. beautiful bag!
  9. Great Bag! I love the blue.
  10. Wow Lexie, that color is nicer than I expected it to be. We need to see more Koobas in ink. It's GORGEOUS.
  11. It's beautiful, Lexie! I love the blue!

    Parker (black patent) was my first Kooba and I blame her for my continuing obsession. :heart:
  12. That Parker looks softer than I expected, thought it was quite a stiff bag...maybe because I've mainly looked at the patent. Glad you like it, Lexie, wish Kooba would bring on some more blue:heart:
  13. It's slouchy.......yet substantial..........beautifully crafted!
  14. Oh Maggie, my Patent Parker is every bit as slouchy as Lexie's Ink! I swear, I thought there was something wrong it with when I first got her! :nuts: I'd never seen a patent bag that was so soft, it just fell into itself! LOL:okay:
  15. That is a true blue beauty! Thanks for sharing the pics. The more that I look at it the more I like it. Do you find the strap that goes over to close it a problem? I know that it's a larger bag but does it feel too large?