My Ink Parker is a FAKE??!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I JUST learned that my Ink Parker (purchased on eBay over a month ago... i feel SO DUMB!!!!!!!!!!) is likely a fake.
    The zipper-pull on the inside pocket says 'kooba' on both sides... but other than that it is SUCH a close call??!!

    Do I need any more proof before deciding I've been duped????????????
    HElp me Purse Forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  2. sorry to hear. What ever happened to those fake YSL Muse bags you got on eBay, too?
  3. Oh no - I hope it's not fake! I would suggest posting photos in the Authenticate This thread.
  4. Give us the eBay number and we can take a look. It's sad but there have been many many fake Parkers especially in Ink that come from Ioffer (a fake site). That zipper pull is probably all you need to determine it. If you had a real one next to yours you would probably see the difference in the quality of leather. I'm going to try to find those Ink Parker pics of mine in here that I later sold.

    Here it is...

  5. after much DRAMA and headaches and time and stress.... persistence paid off:tup:, and i got most of my money back. it's just nuts though, when i bought the kooba i thought for SURE it couldn't be a fake because it wasn't a super high-end bag (like YSL..)

    shows what i know!!! :confused1: burned THREE times:cursing:
    NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i vow NEVER to buy a bag off ebay AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i saw those pics earlier, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!- my leather Definitely doesn't look like that........

    i have a real Paige at home (purchased at Saks), i'll absolutely compare when I get home. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks:smile:
    here's the ebay item#

  7. KAG, my Jessie and my Sienna both have the Kooba name embossed on only one side of the zipper pull, and my bags are real.
  8. Oh what a shame. At least you did get most of your money back.

    I have a feeling that could happen even to the best of us, so don't fret.
  9. I'm so sorry. E-bay can be like walking through a dark alley in a sketchy neighborhood. You have to be so careful.
  10. I'm sorry Kag. One look at the seller's name and I knew. She's an Ioffer Rip-Off artist. Glad you got most of your money bag. You can get good bags off ebay like we all do. You could post bags here first and we could help you.
  11. did you get your $ back on this one? i got the feeling you were referring to a YSL that you got your $ back for,,,

    were you able to get it back for the parker? :sad:
    I am so sorry let us know

  12. Are all the seller's bags fakes? She got nearly $1000 for a YSL downtown, sheesh.

    Don't feel dumb, Kag, the seller is a dishonest jerk.

  13. Everybag I've seen is fake. You gotta go to Ioffer and look around. The YSL Downtown bag can be bought for 180 there, along with the Prada and Miu Miu. I've never seen a good bag on this seller. The Ioffer bags look so good from afar he's making a killing from people who don't know the difference.
  14. if you paid by paypal you can get your money back!! I promise doesnt matter how long it has been it can be 4 months even.. You will get your money back FOR SURE@! trust me it happened to me.. You can write me if you want and i can tell you exactly what happened...
  15. I'm so sorry you got scammed. I hope it totally doesn't deter you from eBay. There are quite a few wonderful sellers there.....and it's a bummer that you fell into this woman's scam.
    Familiarize yourself with the ioffer scammers and you'll know better for next time.