My Ink office bag is here

  1. I got this ink office yesterday and I love it. The leather I think is much better than my Emerald office bag,less craky,less shiny.More like buttery soft.
  2. beautiful work bag, chloe concord! you're right about the leather-it's looks so scrumptious! congrats on the amazing bags this season!
  3. Congrats!!! She's beautiful! And I can see what u mean by the leather. Ooh, wanna smoosh her up, lol!
  4. OOOO i want an ink now
  5. very beautiful! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  6. Wow the leather does look great! Congrats!
  7. I agree, that leather does look great! Definitely a far cry from the shiny tortoisehell patterned distressing (think octagons?). Congrats!! :nuts:
  8. Hooray! Another ink B-bag! I think our PF has cornered the market on ink bags...they are SO yummy!
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Lovely! Enjoy!!!
  11. It's gorgeous Chloe Concord! Congrats!!!!
  12. Thanks everyone. I love both my Emerald and Ink office bag. I am in a mood for B-bag addiction now.:nuts:
  13. Beautiful bag!!!
  14. Yay!! How nice!!
  15. Just beautiful!