My ink first arrived today

  1. I can't take pics right now, I will have to do that later. This is the bag I bought from hgbags, and you all know the controversy surrounding that. I have studied LouiseyPeasy's guidelines on authenticity and I am 100% sure this bag is authentic. Not one single thing is suspicious or off about it. I compared it to my ink twiggy before I boxed it up to ship to it's new home at a PF member's house. I love this bag and hgbags couldn't have been nicer to me. I am NOT trying to open up another discussion about her selling fake bags. The proof is out there, so make your own informed choices about her. But I did some research and her source is legitimate, her Balenciaga bags that are for sale right now are 100% authentic to the best of my knowledge. She shipped very fast and included the receipt, all tags, box, tassles, etc and a signed money back guarantee, no questions asked.

    I am happy about my gorgeous ink first, and hgbags was a good seller in THIS PARTICULAR TRANSACTION. I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  2. congrats Lori, post picssss:rolleyes: :heart:
  3. Congratulations on the purchase and especially the authenticity! Can't wait to see pictures!
  4. You sent it to another member?
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! And most importantly, I hope you enjoy it and wear it in good health!
  6. I compared it to my ink twiggy before I boxed it up to ship to it's new home at a PF member's house.

    oh I just read this, did you sell it Lori?:shame:
  7. I think she sold the twiggy.
  8. ;) Not grammatically :lol:

    I was just wondering to find out who actually got the bag they wanted?
    Congrats to whoever got what!!!!
    Ink is lovely!
  9. oh shocks..sorry..I am officially brain dead tired from work:roflmfao:

    anyways, congrats on the bag Lori and I know that the PF member who got your twiggy will surely love it:love:
  10. That is great to hear LoriB!
    I will not be receiving mine today because it is Victoria Day in Canada, so there is no mail :sad:
  11. It's NOT Memorial day!!
    It's Victoria Day!! *LOL*
  12. ^^^Ooops! I fixed it!
  13. Congratulations, glad everyhting turned out well in the end. Love the ink color!:heart:
  14. I sold my ink twiggy to another member. Sorry for the improper use of grammar.
  15. Congratulations! I am glad to hear you found it! :flowers: