My Ink Day-I love love her

  1. I know there have been several pix of ink day bags but I just had to share mine. I :heart: :heart: :heart: her! The leather (veins and all), the colour, the shape -the only other B-bag I have is a black city also bought from Bal NY last spring and her leather is smooshier, softer, just different. I have attached pix of both to show but I am afraid my photographic skills are hardly something to shout home about! I am so thrilled:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: with her!
    CA012N01.jpg CAG5MJ09.jpg CANIOFVH.jpg CA9S8B5P.jpg CAAZA7UX.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Both are totally FAB!
  3. More pix of ink!
    CAMBMJ69.jpg CAW9CH4N.jpg CAXCEDTV.jpg
  4. Thank you and I thought I had beaten my balenciaga addiction!!

    And thanks slinks for letting me know where!
  5. Gorgeous bags. Your black city looks so soft and smoochy:drool:
  6. love your bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you. She is, almost cuddly!!
  8. Thank you, I told my DH my city has a sis now, I think he thinks I'm mad:nuts: !!!!
  9. Love that ink!! :love: Your black city is gorgeous, too! :heart: Congrats! :yahoo:
  10. Thank you cate!
    :happydance:I'm taking her out today and I'm sure for many days to come, I tend to get fixated!
  11. Love your ink day, and black city as well, which season is the black city? 2006 s/s?
  12. Thank you.
    My black city is from spring 2005. Now I really know what people mean when they talk about the leather variances in b-bags. Love both though.
  13. I just won a 2005 s/s black city. I am so excited now. My next one will be an link Day I guess. But I need to sell some of my other colors to fund them -:smile::yes:
  14. :flowers: Congrats baiyishang! I'm sure you'll love her! Post pix when you have her! Ink is such a great colour, I hope you get her too!:yes:
  15. Both of them are beauties! Enjoy.