My Ink City is here!!!!!

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  1. And I LOVE IT. Now I know why you gals love this bag! It's a keeper!:love: I try to show how the color looks different in differnent lighting.

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  2. More Pixs...

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  3. Congrats, Savannah! Ink is such a gorgeous color, I'm jealous :P Enjoy it :nuts:
  4. did you take all those shots with a flash? it has that shiny waxy look i'm not too fond of. the marble leather looks ok. i like it though! still prefer the old leather. which is why i haven't bought any balenciagas lately.
  5. 0o0o00o nice bag!!! totally love the colour!!!! woo hoo another b-bag!!! :smile: congrats!
  6. Beautiful pics Savannah! It's so hard to capture the beauty of that color in photos. You can't really see the undertones in any picture taken of it.

    I think someone mentioned above that using the flash makes it look like it has more of that shiny look, but I just wanted to point out that it's really just the flash - it does that to the darker colors particularly. Yours looks absolutely gorgeous - enjoy it!
  7. Congrats, Savannah! It's beautiful! :love:
  8. Congratulations! I think your pictures look great and do in fact capture the color variations very well! Don't you just LOVE it?!?!? It look just like mine! You will find yourself staring at it in the house, in the car, outside. It changes constantly! Enjoy using it and thanks for sharing your pictures!!!!!
  9. How beautiful. I love how it changes color, I love the INK. Congrats...
  10. Seriously, that bag is so hot!! You're tempting me...noooooo
  11. Savannah - I hope I didn't sound like your pics don't show the color beautifully - what I was talking about was the purple undertone, which to me, only comes out in direct sunlight - not in pictures.

    Oddly, not all Inks have the purple undertones either. I've seen a few that are more just blueish-black and some that are more purpleish-blueish-black. (those are not actual words.......) Just depends on the dye lot - both are gorgeous though!
  12. Congrats Savannah! The bag looks GORGEOUS!!! Great pics!
  13. Thanks for posting pics...the bag is beautiful! I have one on hold, so your pics will definitely help me decide!
  14. Ooo I love it! It's like black with a splash! Congrats!
  15. HO-LEE!!! That is one gorgeous bag!!! (pant, pant!)