My Ink Box

  1. just got my ink box ,it really changes color:flowers:
    ink box 002.jpg ink box 004.jpg ink box 006.jpg
  2. I love the colour of the hardware and leather on your bag
  3. Oh great. I love ink it's so amazing.

  4. Congrats!! I really like the ink.
  5. Wow, one of my favourite colours. Yours is a beauty!
  6. congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I really love ink
    Thanks for sharing :yes:
  7. :love: loving it! congrats!
  8. Love the box.
    ADORE it in ink.
  9. Beautiful bag!! Beautiful color!!!
  10. LOVE IT CONGRATS :wtf: :smile:
  11. Scrumptious!:love: Ink definitely my favorite color. I want it in every shape and size, then I want an Ink long double breasted leather trench coat, and Ink boots, and a nice comfy Ink reading chair/recliner. aaaaaaah... Congrats on your beautiful new Ink box!
  12. congrats!
  13. I love it!
  14. thank you for sharing, it is BEAUTIFUL! enjoy!!
  15. Your ink box is so cute!! You can definitely tell it's a chameleon from those pics.