My Ink Box from Barneys Boston

  1. I'd like to check this out with my PF gals. I received my Ink Box and do love it, however it is missing the cosmetic mirror! I have emailed the SA "Julia" at Barneys Boston with no reply yet...I am sure she will reply as she is quite busy, however I am wondering of it's possible to buy a separate Ink cosmetic mirror from balNY? I am just thinking worst case scenario here...Thanks US gals:confused1:
  2. aaw... that is terrible! i would return it if they won't give me the mirror!
  3. Agreed... the mirror should definitely be included. Granted that I never use mine, but it is part of the package
  4. Hopefully your SA will get back to you soon. You should definitely get the mirror. Or perhaps a discount?
    If you ever plan to sell the bag you will want the mirror, but if it is a bag you will keep forever it woudn't be such a big deal (especially if you got some $$ back).
    Keep us posted!! Good luck!!