My indoctrination into Chloe began today....

  1. With these! I am soooooooo excited (I'm sure everyone on this forum has these already but I'm a Chloe newbie:shame: )
    I am waiting in the mail for a Baby Paddington in Grenat. I am amazed at how soft the leather is and how "comfortable" the boots are! Thank you for letting me share my excitement, the hubster doesn't quite 'get it', I think...

  2. Those are absolutely fabulous! Congratulations, and welcome to the Chloe addiction!
  3. oooo grenat!!! post pics when you get it!!! :biggrin:
  4. I love those. Way to rock the Chloe.
  5. I love them! Welcome to our world!
  6. i love those boots. so hot! but i must. refrain.
  7. Congrats!:yahoo: Love them!
  8. :drool: Gorgeous!!! Are they "true to size"? Please post pics of you wearing them!

    Oh, and welcome!!! :yes:
  9. They are gorgeous, can't wait to see a pic of them with your grenat baby paddy !

    ahh I love grenat
  10. Wow! Beautiful!!
  11. Omg, I love these boots! :love: I just got the dark brown from AR last week. They are super comfortable and I still can't believe I'm wear the pebbly buttery soft leather Chloe BAG on my feet! These could have been my bag! :nuts:

    As for the sizes, I think they're almost true to the size. They were a bit snug even though I bought it in my size but I think I'll be ok as long as I wear thin socks with it.

    Congrats on getting a pair for yourself! :wlae:
  12. omg those are beautiful! congrats how big is the heel?
  13. Those are AWESOME!!!
  14. Don't worry, not everyone on this board has these!! *cries* they are gorgeous!
  15. Thank you so much everyone:love:
    I have worn them EVERY day this week. They are exactly TTS in my opinion, I take a 7 and I got a 37.5 with an insole and that's a perfect fit. They do mold to your foot too with wear. The heel is 4" and I am finding it challenging to keep up a good walking pace in them but practice will make perfect, I think! Here are pics:
    100_2780 (Medium).jpg 100_2781 (Medium).jpg