* My INDIGO MAC: The Blue-Hued Truth About Dyeing Part 2 ;-)

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  1. Guess what ladies! My hands were itching to do another dye project and this time it didn't take as much time, and I am in LOVE with the results!!

    I'll cut to the chase and present my before and after pics.

    Here she is after the eh hem.. change. Eggshell turn INDIGO MAC!

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  2. HOLY
    that came out insanely amazing, it looks so custom and unique!
    amazing job! :tup:
  3. omg!
  4. WOWIEEEEEE!!! :faint:

    I love how the texture came through! Stunning!!!!!! Now you have your royal/electric/indigo baby!!!
  5. WOW! That's amazing! You're very good! :tup:
  6. oh wow! I love the texture of indigo!! fantastic custom job!!
  7. WOW. :wtf: in the upper left corner of the "after" pic, i think i see a bit of the tassels, did you decide to leave them the eggshell color or are you going to dye them too?
  8. :faint: :drool:
  9. very cool!
  10. You are one brave lady! It's definitely a MAC like no other!! Great job
  11. OMG! Love the indigo - great job!
  12. Wow!:wtf:
  13. I liked the eggshell better...it was so pretty!! :sad::crybaby:
  14. the blue really makes the hardware pop. very cool!
  15. Wow! *enough said*