my indigo is getting very dark

  1. hello,

    my indigo i bought in the summer of 2006. it was very vibrant blue the time i bought and now it's just very very dark and lost the depth.
    what can i do to bring it back to life?
    does soak it in woolite help?

  2. ooo, I can not imagine Woolite restoring color.

    So the way I understand it is that certain colors fade faster than others (there is a thread around here somewhere).

    Cyan and red fades faster than other colors, so a true blue bag will have those plus greens in it.

    Once some colors start fading, the other colors are more visible, KWIM??

    So a once blue bag, after loosing some of it's red may look darker/less bright.

  3. thanks hmwe!!
    you made total sense. no wonder my grape is getting lighter as well...probably the disappearing of red/cyan in it.
    i guess my rouille will end up more brownish....:crybaby: hopefully nothing will happen to my cornflower...i heard that color will fade too..., turq (blue family) and purple are my favourite....i feel so.......:crybaby:....:crybaby: