My INDIGO French Purse came today!! Pics of it and my vernis family!!

  1. Hi all! Well, I got my Indigo French Purse in the Mail today! It is so pretty! And now I can switch between the Indigo and Pomme!

    Here is the pics of the wallet and also one of my family!!



  2. Gorgeous, you always have the nicest things ! :yes:
  3. Ooooh, that is SO pretty in Indigo, I love love love it! Where did you get it from? And next to the Pomme, so lux :love:
  4. omg it's GORGEOUS! i am SO JEALOUS of your collection!
  5. such a pretty color. congrats.
  6. gorgeous, congrats!
  7. Stunning, Congrat's :smile:
  8. Very pretty~ Congrats and Enjoy it!!!
  9. Aaaw, Traci... that looks wonderful! And I'm really not a huge Vernis fan, but this is gorgeous. Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Thanks ladies!! These colors, I have to say, are my favorites from the vernis line! So shimmery and pretty!
  11. OH! I love it-congrats!
  12. Very pretty!! I love the indigo color!
  13. That is one of the best colors! Congrats!!!
  14. Lovely collection.
  15. beautiful!!!congrats.