My Indigo East-West Bayswater is here!

  1. I was having a pretty mediocre day so imagine how stoked I was to find the notice for pick up in the post. :smile: I took a risk with this one as I didn't actually see it IRL. I ordered it from Mulberry in Melrose (very lovely people, I tell you) and asked a friend to pop over and check it out for me. It's finally here and it's exactly what I wanted. I've been planning to get the regular Bayswater but most of my bags are big and I wanted to give my shoulders a bit of a break. Hence, the decision to get the East-West. Indigo is such a luscious colour and the leather just smells so yummy. Will post photos in a little while. I just thought I'd share my good news for the day. :smile:
  2. Brilliant- can't wait to see pictures!
  3. cant wait for the pics, such a lovely colour!!!
  4. ^^ Me too - I love this colour - congrats!
  5. Congrats, sounds like a stunning colour. :yes: Looking forward to pics!
  6. Where are those pics? Can you do a modeling shot, too, please? I am debating this bag (I think between this & a ledbury).
  7. Wonderful! modelling pics please and what you think after using it after a couple of days.

    I've been wavering between an Indigo or the faux croc (oak) one.... please give us your thoughts on the Indigo. How does it match your daily outfit?

  8. Here they are ladies. Sorry it took a while. I was out of town and had been very busy. Anyway, I'm really loving the bag so far. It's quite versatile and I feel like I can take it from day to night. :smile:


  9. I love that bag :heart: the proportions work SO well, much better than the Ledbury imo. I love the long straps, the colour is divine and the leather looks really soft. It looks great on you, too :tup:

    I'd love an indigo Mulberry bag - I hope they bring out more bags in this fabulous colour :girlsigh:
  10. Lovely bag!
  11. Beautiful! Love the colour!
  12. It looks fantastic, the leather looks great! The colour looks darker in your pics than it does on the web, would you say that your pics are the 'truest' depiction of the colour?
  13. Very gorgeous bag. Looks great on you. :tup:
  14. GORGEOUS BAG - lucky thing! Enjoy!
  15. I am so loving this bag & this color. I keep debating between this, a ledbury, or LV epi alma (all in black). Thanks for the modeling pics!