My Indigo Bedford arrived yesterday...

  1. I ordered an Indigo Bedford from the LV boutique in Chicago last week and it arrived yesterday afternoon. It's a beautiful color, but it's not as "new and perfect" as I hoped it would be. I told the SA that I knew that it was an older style that's been discontinued, but I only wanted one if she had one that still had that very pale/light whitish vachetta(I loooved the pale vachetta on Veronika's and ILOVEPURSE's Indigo Bedfords). She said she had a "good one for's good". I kept asking her if it was really pale and not honeyed/patinaed at all because if it was, I was going to pass on it. Anyhoo, it arrived and it has a light honey patina. The pics are in natural sunlight and don't really don't show how much patina it has. I was actually going to just suck it up and keep it since I figured it will patina anways, but then I noticed that there are little scuff marks on the bag and the vachetta piping at around the end with the side pocket isn't tight(edge is starting to peel loose)! The messd up piping is what really made me decide to return it. I love this color but I'm picky when it comes to the condition of my bags. I'm pretty bummed. I called the store(got connected directly to 866 instead) and the rep said I should not expect a discontinued bag to be in new perfect condition. So, I'm going to drive to my nearest LV tomorrow to return it for something else. I'm planning on getting an Epi Soufflot in Black instead. Here are the pics...
    Indigo Bedford Paper Bag.jpg Indigo Bedford front.jpg Indigo Bedford side pocket.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!! I love the Indigo!! Congrats!
  3. Wow..gorgeous!!!!! congrats!!! love the color!
  4. WTF?? yes, you should. It wasn't a pre-owned bag & shouldn't have scratches. I do not understand at all, esp. after you asked about the patina & was told an untruth!
    It is a lovely color though, I hope you find another one that is perfect for you.
  5. omg! congrats! that color is gorgeous!
  6. the bag looks nice, are you sure you really want to change to sth else?
  7. I can't believe they would send you a bag that was not in perfect condition and then make excuses for it!!

    I am so sorry that you are disappointed--I would be as well:sad: along with IRRITATED!!!!!
  8. Yeah - I agree with taco. It's not like you're picking up a 50% off bag in the discount bin or found it among racks of bags at a Last Call or some other outlet! Although I can't see the flaws you mentioned from the pics (the Indigo is a beauty! My FAVE vernis colour but sadly I don't have anything from it yet!), I think you should be able to expect a new bag given you're paying full price and getting it directly from the LV store! ESPECIALLY after you asked such specific questions and were assured that it was good and what you were after. It's not like that was a display model! I mean if was the display then that might explain some of the wear and patina, but if it's just purely discontinued - then I don't see how it wouldn't basically be flawless if it's just been kept in their storage? :confused1:

    Anyways, sorry for the rant. Silly responses like that which are NO help at all make me mad! :shame: I hope I didn't rain on your parade...

    The Indigo vernis is a real beauty! Congrats and hopefully you'll be able to pick up something that is what you want in return for it!
  9. Thanks soooo much, guys!:heart::heart::heart:

    I loove this color and style so much, but the 866 rep told me that I had to go back to the Chicago store if I wanted to exchange for a new one(apparently they are the only store with a good stock of Indigo Bedfords). I don't want to go back to them since they sent me this wonky one inthe first place. Arghhh... I seriously contemplated keeping it, but the scuffs(couldn't buff the ones at the top above the side pocket out) and the piping starting to come loose kinda bums me out. It's such a gorgeous color, though.
  10. that bag is HOT!!!!

  11. indigo is a beautiful color :love: . on the french louis vuitton website you can buy indigo bedford.
  12. The bag is beautiful. Too bad about the faults. I just ordered a discontinued bag from Elux....I hope this doesn't happen to me.

    Good luck on your next purchase.
  13. Are you sure you want to exchange it??? It's so gorgeous!!!

    Lame excuse from LV part..they should give you discount if you decide to keep it.
  14. I'm sooo torn now. I want to keep it so badly. Honestly, I could prob live with the minor scuffs, but the piping...maybe I can get take it in to my nearest LV and get them to replace the piping for me! :nuts: It should be free, right? Hmmm...
  15. ^ yes , you should do that..not bad idea..