my inconsistent personality and pursenality

  1. I have a conservative personality with a taste in extravagent eye-catching bags. That explained the manhattan pm i bought 6 month ago that has been sitting in the closet NWT. Now i just put my name on the mono rivets list.

    Why do I keep falling for those limited edition if I rarely use them because I don't feel comfy ppl on the street staring at my bag. Seriously need some advice here. Either I stop buying bag I don't carry, or I start carrying them w/o worrying about other ppl's stare. Any handbag psychologist out there, please help!
  2. Definitely the second option, lol... Use them... enjoy them... and don't pay attention to ppl who stare at your bag. They just want it, too :p
  3. Use them and enjoy them.. who cares if everyone stares.. that just means you have good taste!!
  4. Which riveting are you considering?
  5. I agree - Use your bags and enjoy them! :wlae: Who cares about other people's opinions - so long as you are happy.
  6. Yes... Use them and enjoy! Life is too short for one bag!
  7. ^ definitely!
  8. Use and enjoy! Pay no mind to the jealous people staring at you!
  9. Enjoy those stuffs. It shows that you have a super good taste.
  10. The one you have now. I fell in love with during a valentine shipping trip w/ my bf. So regret that I didn't get it at the first sight. Now it's sold out. Need to wait for the next shipment. :push:
  11. When you buy a bag, you have to buy it based on what YOU like. We all sometimes consider what other people will think....but we shouldn't do that. You are spending your money on something that you like so you should wear it proud!!
  12. If you really want a mono riveting. I'm sure you can get one. Try 866-vuitton and they'll find it for you. I don't think it's completely sold out.
  13. Forget the stares! :blah:

    Be proud of rocking your hot authentic bags. ;)
  14. Stop worrying about the stares and enjoy your bag! But if you're really concerned about the stares, you can just stare at the bag and enjoy it too. But I think it's probably better to enjoy the bag and use it. :yes:

    I do that too sometimes, let bags sit in my closet because of the stares and then sometimes to avoid comments of people I'm going to see on why I have yet another bag. I know I shouldn't though, but I understand your pursenality! Though I guess I don't really have a solution, but would like to empathize. Good luck!
  15. Just wear them without caring about what others think. Beautiful bags deserve to be used! Get that Manhattan out of your closet now!