My Improvised GPT

  1. Well i guess i have to improvise everything i lay my hands on --thats what my parents always used to say ,so today was my garden party tote bag ,i added the rings on a leather strap and i use this rings within the snap closure on the side ,and as they are really very tight they dont open up even if my bag is heavy:wlae:
    HPIM0653.JPG HPIM0654.JPG HPIM0656.JPG
  2. Look at that!:idea: I wonder if it would work with my bag filled with 20 pounds of stuff.:confused1:
  3. Interesting.
  4. Can we see a pic of you wearing the GPT with the shoulder strap? I am having a hard time visualizing it!
  5. I can't visualize it myself...
  6. erm .... I wouldn't do it if I have a gorgeous GPT like yours .... those metal rings look like they can scatch or leave marks .... :crybaby:
  7. Interesting, I would not have thought of doing something like that!
  8. u, how does it attach to the bag? Beautiful GPT!
  9. i must be projecting -- my brain insists on reading the titled as "impoverished." :push:

    you're very creative umamanikam. :yes:
  10. not to worry they are very smooth professionally made
  11. me wearing it
    HPIM0659.JPG HPIM0660.JPG HPIM0661.JPG
  12. I like it! You took a bag and made it yours. Kudos! As long as you're happy with your bag, that's all that matters.
  13. ahh! pure genius!!!!!! great idea!