My impressions on Epi

  1. Today I'm chatterbox!:amuse:
    I would ask you a question about Epi line.
    Well, I don't own nothing in Epi.
    This because it's a strange leather... it looks like synthetic (sky) but I know it's the superlative LV leather...
    What do you think about?
    with the time, does it become softer?
    :heart:Thanks... Stephanie

    :blush:Sorry I would not offend someone... I'm thinking about a purchase... the models are so amazing...
  2. I haven't warmed to it myself yet too; I'm trying really hard because I would love a black bag, but it just reminds of of corrogated cardboard - you know - with the ridges? Silly, but I just can't help it. I'm hoping to be brave enough to try it soon!
  3. yah, i wasnt an epi fan either till the montaigne & ivoire came i want one bad!!!
  4. I did not like the epi leather until the canelle came out now i want a cles in it.
  5. I have one pochette in red and on their way are a black, blue and mandarin. All new to me. I love them and think that they are cute.
    I would like to get the epi speedy 25 in black next.
    I like them because I think that they are quite understated and come in fab colours.
  6. I have 2 items in Epi - and yes it feels very plastic. But I like it because it isn't screaming LV, and the quality is amazing. Both of mine are black, one is considerably shinier than the other - but it is also older so I don't know if that is part of the reason. I highly recommend it - it's very durable. I put my stuff through the ringer and it's all in perfect shape.
  7. these words are ointment for my ears:yes:
  8. I love my epi mandarin noe. It is very stiff, though, which is why I like the mini lin as a comparison, very soft... but, it's a totally different thing. I do love the epi, but it is stiff and heavier, and very durable.... it's great!
  9. I have not warmed up to the Epi line either....
  10. I'm so confused!
  11. I love epi! I have a newer epi bag, which is softer than the old epi. I just think it's beautiful and it wears very well.
  12. I have a few Epi pieces and love them. It's unusual. I haven't seen anything else like it.
  13. I love my epi. I think its a more subtle way to wear LV (vs the monogram lines). The leather is a bit stiff but for the speedy i think somehow the leather is softer.
  14. I adore my Epi Speedy. It's actually 7 years old and has had at least 2 previous owners. It looks BRAND NEW! Like it just came from LV yesterday. I personally love the leather. It is not at all plastic-y. It feels fantastic-- one of my males friends wants to "pet" it all the time LOL. It's not stiff either; mine has a bit of sag to it. Plus it smells AMAZING! In fact, I got my Azur mini pochette yesterday, and my BF smells it and says "I like your Speedy better, this one doesn't smell nice" LOL. I want to get another Epi Speedy soon, maybe in Vanilla or one of the reds. I say go for it!! :greengrin:
  15. I am not a big fan of Epi... but I like the new colours canelle and ivoire and the new pochette with the big triangular clasp.