MY I'm not a plastic bag

  1. I admit before liking this bag, I was just curious as to why this is such hot commodity and what was the fuss is all about....I gave up hope in purchasing this bag since I am not from the USA but alas a friend sold these 2 totes to me but of course at a very ridiculous price :crybaby:but not as crazy as the prices in eBay.

    What I have is the Gray HK edition and Green Japan edition. I am particularly loving the Gray one.

    Its very a very roomy tote WITHOUT anything, not even a zipper or an inside pocket :p I have yet to figure out whether I am going to use this as a bag (worried about my wallet) or just a secondary bag..........
  2. lucky you, congrats!

    i also want one but the prices on eBay are ridiculous. :sad:
  3. Congrats! It's a very sturdy tote as far as carrying groceries/books so you'll find uses for it.

    I'm personally not going to get one, but to each his/her own!!! If you like it then good for you! Post modeling pics. :biggrin:
  4. thanks girls...I will post modelling pics soon....:smile: am looking drab right now
  5. I got one in Dublin-queued for 3 hours and managed to get one-others had queued for over 12 hours!
  6. we are what we do still has them on stock if you're lucky enough to live in the UK! you have to buy a set - the bag plus a book - but the price is still a lot less than on eBay: 17 pounds.
  7. Yes I know but I dont know anybody in UK and I am from the Philippines so shipping would be expensive too ;)

    bee* --- good for you that yup queued for only 3 hours and manage to get it at the original price not like me haha ;)
  8. Carry your groceries or books, if you have kids, kids stuff. Use it it as beach/pool bag.

    I have a bunch of Spar bags I got in Ireland I use for everyday trips to the local farm, library and beach.

    Enjoy them they look great!
  9. Lucky you! I want one, but the prices are ridiculous and besides, I don't really think I'd use it that much... :s
  10. I'd really like to use it as a beach bag... It's really cute!
    And I'd love to have them for a acquaintance of the family who's always arguing about how bad plastic bags are...
    Oh well, I don't even live in the US, so there's no hope for me ;) Maybe, if they're coming back, they'll be smart enough to sell them in Europe too!
  11. I have one and don't think it's all that. The handles aren't really ong enogh to put ovrt your shoulder comfortably...its weird
  12. Well I would love to get my hands on one, and I just can't bring myself to spend the ridiculous amounts they want on feebay!
  13. I have one that I use. I like it - I think it is well constructed for the money. And it is super cute. I always get asked about it when I use it.

    Now I am desperately looking for the green one...I wanted to trade an extra blue I had for a green, but it doesn';t seem like there are a lot green ones out there :sad:
  14. How much do they cost? I'm sorry I don't get all the hype about the bag, but I've never seen one IRL either.
  15. Hi sarmel -

    The bags retailed for $15 here and the local equivalent in the other parts of the world they were made available.

    The original brown UK was a steal though - that only sold for 5 pounds.

    When Anya relaunched the bag - the bag price went up to 7.50 pounds..

    hope that helps.