My ideas of Balenciaga bags outfits

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    I had some free time today and decided to make some outfits that go with my Balenciaga bags! Usually I dont think much before putting smth on, but the bag is always a finishing touch!
    So, I compiled some outfits, hope you'll like them! :rolleyes: If you do, I could probably continue...:yahoo:
    Here we go...
    1) My newly acquired Sahara Twiggy and some outfits that I think suit her (actually it's a VERY easy colour to combine with clothes!:tup:)

  2. I dont understand whats wrong, but I dont succeed to upload other photos!!!:confused1:
    I'll try later then...
  3. Ok, I continue...
  4. Outfits that I usually wear with my Marine GSH City
  5. Isabel Marant tunic and leather legging
  6. APC shirt, Bershka jacket and leather pants
  7. where is the dress and jacket in the second outfit from?

    love your bags and your style!
  8. Thank you, RERE, I'll post there then!

    Blondelle, thanks a lot! The dress is french brand Sandro and the jacket is Zara!:yes:
  9. i love the vest with the studs. where from?

    love everything else too! also those are some great leather pants. What brand are they or where can i purchase?
  10. hellosunshine
    Thank you! The studded vest is also by french brand Sandro! I just LOVE practically everything they make, a pity it's a bit pricey!
    The leather pants are actually Topshop! Got them online, but they are not there anymore!:nogood: By the way,the fit is really nice!!!
  11. I love this idea!
  13. :heart: that outfit!