My Icecube Chanel stolen :(

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2010
    Hey ladies,

    I am really upset today :sad: Im on holiday in Malaysia and my ever so favorite Chanel Ice cube Jumbo was snatched while i was in a roadside cafe from right under me. Well, besides the hassle of the embassies, credit cards etc all taken care of, i find myself really upset over the bag more than the content of the bag or the money inside!

    I know its quite an old bag. I think i got it 4 years ago but i love it so dearly. Does anyone know where i can get a replacement xxxx Please re-read our rules :idea:

    appreciate anything i can get on this.. :heart:
  2. OMG! I thought I had a bad day! I am SO sorry! If I see one on ebay or any resale sight I visit frequently I will PM you. I hope you find a replacement. This is upsetting!
  3. Wow so sorry this happened to you. Your best bet is to check out ebay and other resale sites...I have seen them pop up once in a while. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation. :flowers:
  4. Oh dear I am so sorry to hear! :hugs: Cheer up babe, you will find your replacement soon! :smile:
  5. Oh noooo! How can some people do that to tourists :mad:
  6. I am so sorry.:hugs::hugs: I read of something similar happening with a birkin in Paris. Someone walked away with my LV briefcase last year while I was trying on clothes in a store. Fortunately, the security guard remembered seeing me with the bag and took it from the thieves.

    Have you searched consignment stores? let-trade always has lots of Chanel.
  7. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that....
  8. Did you have travellers insurance?
  9. How terrible! I hope you find a replacement bag soon.
  10. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear of your loss! I have heard so much about the lack of security in Malaysia but thank goodness you are ok. I have no idea where to scout for one but I really hope you will find a replacement. What a shame!
  11. I am so sorry for this. I wish you can find another one really quick...
  12. oh you poor thing : ( i really hope you get one back ! i cant believe someone would just do that ><
  13. Sorry OP that this happened to you! I know you will find a replacement:hugs:
  14. so sorry this happened to you OP :sad:
    I really hope you find another one soon :flowers: