My ice blue classique just arrived!

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm so excited need to let it out before I explode! This morning the postman brought me my first balenciaga bag that I won on ebay. I was worried that the leather on this bag would be too shiny but it was just the flash from the seller's camera! I'm sooo happy, is the ice blue rare? Oh gosh I can't wait for my ink city now! Sorry getting all worked up over here, need to calm down...might just go and stare at the bag :lol: !
    IMG_0173.JPG IMG_0142.JPG
  2. Its very beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful bag!!! From what I've read on this forum, I do believe that it is difficult to get your hands on the ice blue, so you are a lucky one. Congratulations (and you'll 'love' the ink too!)
  4. I can see why you're so excited! It's gorgeous! Congrats! Thanks for the pictures!
  5. that's pretty!:lol:
  6. aaaahhhh gorgeous color!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  7. very pretty shade of blue!
  8. Oh that color is to die for! I have not seen many ice blues, so I think they are a bit hard to come by! Is it closer to the color of the first pic, or the second?:nuts: :love: :biggrin:
  9. i like the ice blue- refreshing! excellent for spring/summer :love:
  10. Thanx guys! The photograph doesn't do justice to it really, I'd say the first pic is truer to the colour.
  11. WOOHOO! Put me down on the list for an ice blue City in that case!!!
  12. Lovely color! Is the ice blue like white with blue undertone or just a very very light blue?
  13. Erm it's hard to describe to be honest! It's kind of like a very cold (like an iceberg) and very light blue....damn I'm not sure if what I'm saying makes sense?! Anyone else know how to describe this colour? As I'm not very good lol.
  14. No, you're good. I can see the color in my head now. That sounds like such a nice color! Great for a really hot sunny day. :nuts:
  15. Congratulations...its beautiful!!