My Ibizas finally got here!

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  1. Ok I know lots of you said you didnt like this when I bought it, but I finally got them today, and I put them on. The more I look at them, the more I actually really like them! Am I just crazy? What do you guys think?

    You can totally see my swimmer's cankles in this, but I dont care:

    I think that even though I am super tall, (5'10) I can pull these off. Am I loony?
  2. I think they are very cute and look very good on you. How do the sizes run? I heard they can run small.
  3. I got a 41, which is my normal CL size. It fits really well, but I also have very short toes. For someone with longer toes it may be a little small.

    And thank you!
  4. The important thing is that you like them and they are comfy.
  5. I LOVE them, exactly how I pictured they'd look.
  6. i like them on you
  7. Cute - all ready for summer!
  8. Yay! My DF HATES them. So I really needed some positive votes to convince him to let me keep them! I also got the tan formentera ones on ebay that dont have the huge platform, I promised him he would like those better, but I want to keep my Ibizas. I paid less for them than they are going for right now on Bluefly, for some reason there was one by iteslf, and it was the 41, and instead of being like $260-something they were $230, so I got a bargain!
  9. Also, I AM wearing shorts in those pictures! It looks like I am nekkid but I promise I'm not, I just have really long legs. :smile:
  10. I think they're hot!! and what are you talking about? swimmers cankles? you have great legs!!!
  11. they look nice! paired with a summer dress - fabulous!
  12. lol Thank you! They are just muscular from swimming for so long, they arent delicate like I would like them to be. But I guess that makes me less likely to twist my ankle walking in these shoes!
  13. I was going to ask you how tall you were! LUCKY!!! Your legs look long and lean in the pictures...and the shoes look great! So glad you like them.
  14. Thank you! My DF is only 6'1, so I tower over him in almost all of my heels. From the start I was never one of those tall girls who shyed away from high heels. I always said the taller the better!
    These pictures actually make my legs look more shapely than they really are. I have serious chicken legs. So skinny, it makes the rest of me look chub! SUCH a pain finding boots, they never stay up, and always look slumpy. I like the way they look here, maybe I should get leg implants! Totally kidding. Really.
  15. you should be thankful to your strong ankles, mine are extremely weak and i sprain them in high heels at least twice a month