My "I Finished Chemo" Gift To Myself Has Arrived! - Reveal

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  1. I just finished 5 months of real aggressive chemo, and I promised myself a nice gift if I could just get through it. What better place to shop for that gift than the LV store in the mall? :biggrin:

    I had it shipped to me, since I live a few hours away and out of state, and a handsome young Fedex driver showed up today.............


    Who's up for a reveal? :P
  2. I am here......
  3. I am glad you are in such good prayers are with you!
  4. Let's see! Congrats on getting through chemo!!
  5. Congrats on making it through your treatments - I hope you get better and stronger every day! I can't wait to see what you got!!
  6. I am here!!! Congrats for getting thru chemo!
  7. Thank you! I really wondered if I would there for a while, but now I'm going to celebrate. My new bag is a real celebration, too. :cool:


  8. Ooh, another one!! You deserve it.
  9. I'm here.....I hope everything is going ok..!
  10. Ohh. i think i know what it is!!
  11. Can't wait to see !
  12. I'm here!
  13. Thank you all! It'll be while before I'll know if the chemo did the trick, and I still have surgeries in front of me, then 5 years or more of being re-checked every few months for metastatis, but right now one really miserable part of treatment is done. Time to start feeling better and having some hope.

    I went to the mall on Wednesday, looked around a couple minutes in the LV store, then had to sit down at the counter. The place was crowded, so I was pleasantly surprised to have an SA come over to me within a couple minutes. I got a very nice young lady named Stephanie approached me and asked would I like to see something. I told her what bag I wanted to look at, and she went to retrieve one while I picked through the rack of dangly decorations there.

    She came out with the bag, I looked it over, tried it on, and she even helped steady me when I wavered on my feet a little from the chemo side effects. We talked a bit, and I told her why I was buying today, and she was super, and said she'd send up a prayer for me. Nicest SA I've ever had. I ended up picking out 2 things, she got me some wine, and took my info to ship my booty to me.

    Imagine my surprise when I open my box of loot and find not only a very nice card from Stephanie, but a third item in the box.

  14. Here! Congrats on makin it through the 5m of chemo i know how hard it is. You definitly deserve! Cant wait to see what you got there, my prayers are with you. :flowers:
  15. What is it? Bonus points if you get it right this soon!!! :graucho: