My I-Don't-know-Style/Name Candy Apple Red Patent!

  1. Ha ha, what a tongue twister tittle, but i really don't know the name of it. After our experts gives me the :okay:, it's now safe to share her w/you :yahoo: Anyone know more details of this bag? Few things I find interesting about this bag are the 'Date Code', 'Designed' chain, as well as MADE IN FRANCE tag, but it's a lovely candy apply red color with a slightest hue of orange. It's my first 'vintage' Chanel :yahoo:
    Chanel Red Patent Full.jpg Chanel Red Patent Link.JPG Chanel Red Patent Date Code.JPG Chanel Red Patent Date Code Flash.JPG Chanel Red Patent Made In.JPG
  2. It's ssoo pretty. Congratulations
  3. Ohhh, I was watching this auction hehe! :p It's such a gorgeous, vibrant shade of red... I love it!!! :love: :love: I can't wait to see more pics (and yes haha, modeling pics too!! ;)) when you receive her!! :nuts: Congrats on a beautiful find!! :yahoo:
  4. Wow...great colour!!! Congrats on your find!!
  5. congrats, nice color
  6. Wow!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  7. Fabulous find!!
  8. It's very pretty, congrats and enjoy it.
  9. WOW! I love it!
  10. thank you! :blush: but does the current chain have 'designs' in the center as well? Never paid attention to it until i took pix :p:
  11. congrats! I love the colour.
  12. i was watching that auction too, its a gorgeous colour... congrats! its a beautiful bag!
  13. drooooooooooooooooooools
    love it
  14. That is hot!! :nuts:
  15. so bright, looks great!