My I-Don't-know-Style/Name Candy Apple Red Patent!

Ha ha, what a tongue twister tittle, but i really don't know the name of it. After our experts gives me the :okay:, it's now safe to share her w/you :yahoo: Anyone know more details of this bag? Few things I find interesting about this bag are the 'Date Code', 'Designed' chain, as well as MADE IN FRANCE tag, but it's a lovely candy apply red color with a slightest hue of orange. It's my first 'vintage' Chanel :yahoo:



aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Ohhh, I was watching this auction hehe! :P It's such a gorgeous, vibrant shade of red... I love it!!! :love: :love: I can't wait to see more pics (and yes haha, modeling pics too!! ;)) when you receive her!! :nuts: Congrats on a beautiful find!! :yahoo: