My "Hypoallergenic" Siberian Kitten is Coming Nov. 5!

  1. Just drove an hour today to take a look at my kitty and do an allergy test, and it looks like I'm good! No sniffles! I also paid my deposit, and can pick up the kitty on Nov 5! I'm so excited! :yahoo:

    Do the cat owners have any advice for newbies? :flowers:
  2. nooooo milk!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  3. ^ Really? Wow thank you for that info! :flowers: I thought (probably because of the movies) that cats loved milk and cream? Is it bad for them?
  4. It gives them the runs I don't give it my cats at all.
  5. My cats love the taste of milk...but they can't have it because they throw up immediately afterwards.

    They do have "milk substitute" products for cats...but mine didn't seem to like any of them.

    As for advice for a new cat owner, I would make sure you put away anything you don't want the little guy getting into or anything that could be dangerous to him...electrical cords, make-up, household products, a lot of household plants (poisonous to cats), etc. One thing my cats always seek out is those "silica gel" packs you'll find in your new shoe boxes...throw 'em all out.

    Find a reputable veternarian and make sure he gets all his shots and check-ups. Doesn't have to be a pricey one, just someone you trust.

    You will also have to decide how you are going to feed the kitty..soft canned food, hard food, or a mix of both (which is what I do). Make sure he has something crunchy for his I do leave some hard food out for my cats to free feed. Your cat will definitely let you know his preferences....but be sure to only feed him cat treats very occasionally. I recommend Iams, Hill's Science Diet, or Purina One.

    Always have lots of fresh water out, I refill my bowls twice a day for mine..they do have machines that circulate the water to keep it "fresh"..not sure it's worth machine broke in like 3 months.

    Your cat may show a preference for certain types of cat litter, and even types of litter boxes. One of my cats refuses to use one with a you may have to experiment until you get it "just right"!

    A scratching post is an absolute must! I also keep their nails groomed (save your furniture!) may be able to do it yourself, but mine won't hear of it!

    Expensive toys are nice but your kitten will be plenty happy with cheap balls he can chase, empty toilet paper rolls, paper (not plastic) bags, etc. Most likely any expensive toys you buy will sit unused, but your cat will chase a "dust bunny" or a dropped Cheerio all day long!! Make sure the toys don't have pieces that a tiny kitten could swallow...just like you would with a baby.

    Most cats love a comfy bed or blanket, or one of those padded window perches...give him access to a window..mine love to watch the birds and squirrels. But please, keep him many dangers lurk outside.

    If your kitty wants to be crazy active as soon as you go to bed, try playing with him an hour or so before bedtime, it may tire him out..but some little kittens just have so much energy that there is no cure for it - LOL!

    Lastly, if your kitty seems to be bored and causes a mess during the day while you are out, the only answer I have ever found is to adopt him a playmate....when I got a second kitty they really entertained each other, and a lot of behavioral problems went away.

    Best of luck, can't wait to see pics of your baby. Got a name picked out?
  6. Shopaholic, thank you so much for all your advice! :flowers: It is really helpful, as I'm starting w/ a clean slate in terms of owning kitties... I am going to try to "kitty-proof" my house before I get her.

    The lady I'm getting her from said that she will email me pics as she grows, I'll post them here afterwards and maybe you guys can help me think of a name :P
  7. Congrats! Im deathly allergic to cats so I stick to dogs!!LOL!
  8. Congrats!! Since she is still going to be a kitten, start getting her used to grooming(nails, brushing teeth, bathing, brushing fur)now, and you'll be very glad you did later. Also, as mentioned, cats aren't allowed to have milk because of the contents in milk from cows, but there is some milk made especially for kittens(I never fed my cat milk, only bottled water.) Be sure to watch what you feed her, some plants are very fatal also to cats, the list is very long, so google it. Can't wait to see pics of the little kitty!
    ETA: Do not get one of those automatic water filter things, they are junk!